1v1.LOL: Fun Building and Shooting Game


1v1.LOL is a popular game made by JustPlay.LOL that started in May 2020 used platforms Web browser, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows. It mixes building with shooting in a fun way. People can play different styles like battle royale, where you try to be the last one standing, or build fights, where you quickly make structures while battling others. It’s liked a lot, with high scores from gamers on websites like Crazy Games, Solitaire, Google Play, and uptodown.com.

The game is cool because it lets players do more than just shoot; they also get to build, like in a simulator. This means you have to think fast and be creative to win. You can fight close up in box fights or try to survive in zone wars, which makes every game exciting and different.

1v1 LOL is easy for anyone to start playing, but it also has plenty of challenges for those who play a lot. It’s designed to be fair and fun, so everyone has a good chance to win. Plus, there’s a big community around the game, so you can make friends, learn new tricks, and even compete in tournaments.

Players can also make their characters look unique, which adds to the fun. And playing the game can help with skills like planning and quick thinking, which are good for other areas of life too.

Overall, 1v1.LOL is Shooter Video Game, Simulation Video Game, Adventure game, Massively multiplayer online game a great mix of action and creativity. It’s got lots of ways to play and keeps getting more fans because it’s so engaging and fun. Whether you like competing or just want to have a good time, this game has something for everyone.

1v1.LOL Gameplay

1v1.LOL is a fun game where you can shoot and build at the same time. You play against other players and try to win. There’s a mode called battle royale where everyone tries to be the last one standing. You can also build things like walls and ramps to help you stay safe or get to higher places.

There’s another part of the game where building fast is very important. It’s called build fights. Here, you need to quickly make structures to protect yourself and try to outsmart the other player. It’s all about thinking and moving fast.

The game is easy to start playing because the controls are simple. But it still gets really exciting and challenging as you play more. You can play with your friends or with people from anywhere in the world. You can also make your character look different, which is pretty cool.

In 1v1.LOL, you need to be quick at shooting and building to win. It’s fun because every game is a new challenge, based on what you and the other player decide to do. It’s easy to get into, but it stays interesting and fun.

Can you play 1v1 LOL with a controller?

Yes, you can play 1v1.LOL with a controller, especially if you’re using platforms that support controller input, like a PC or a mobile device. However, the exact method to set up your controller may vary based on the device you’re using. For PCs, you might need to ensure the game and your system settings are configured to recognize and use the controller. On mobile devices, connecting a controller usually involves pairing it via Bluetooth. Always check the game’s settings and your device’s compatibility for the best experience.

How do I get better at 1v1?

To get better at 1v1.LOL, consider these tips:

  • Practice Building Quickly: Building is just as important as shooting. Work on your speed and efficiency in constructing walls, ramps, and other structures.
  • Improve Your Aim: Play regularly to enhance your aiming skills. Use the practice mode to get comfortable with different weapons.
  • Watch and Learn: Watch streams or videos of skilled players. Notice how they move, build, and strategize during their games.
  • Stay Calm: Keeping a cool head during intense moments can make a big difference. Don’t rush; take a moment to think about your next move.
  • Customize Controls: Adjust your control layout to something you’re comfortable with. This can help you react and build faster.
  • Play Against Better Players: While challenging, playing against skilled opponents is a great way to improve. Learn from your defeats.

How do you play 1v1 on fortnite?

Playing 1v1 on Fortnite involves a bit more setup compared to 1v1.LOL. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Use Creative Mode: Fortnite’s Creative mode allows players to create custom games, including 1v1 matches. You or your friend need to start a Creative server.
  2. Find a 1v1 Map: You can use a pre-made 1v1 map by entering the map code at the Creative Hub’s portal. There are many popular 1v1 maps with codes available online.
  3. Invite Your Friend: Once the map is loaded, invite your friend to join your game. Make sure your lobby is set to private if you only want to play against each other.
  4. Start the Game: When both of you are ready, start the game through the Creative menu. Now, you can practice and compete in a 1v1 setup.

1v1 LOL Weapons

In 1v1.LOL, players have access to a variety of weapons that typically include rifles, shotguns, and snipers. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different strategies and playstyles. Mastery of weapon timing, aiming, and reloading is key to outperforming opponents.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

While 1v1.LOL primarily focuses on its core gameplay of building and combat, any downloadable content would typically aim to enhance the player’s experience. This might include new skins, weapons, or special game modes. DLC can add fresh excitement to the game, offering players new ways to enjoy and personalize their experience.


Games like 1v1.LOL often feature unlockable content to keep players engaged. This could range from cosmetic items like character skins and building materials to achievements that reward players for completing specific challenges. Unlockables are a way to showcase your progress and stand out in the game.

For Sale

Items for sale in 1v1.LOL might include exclusive skins, premium weapons, or other cosmetic enhancements. These items typically don’t affect gameplay balance but offer aesthetic changes for personalization. Purchases usually support the developers and contribute to the game’s ongoing development.


Music and soundtracks in games enhance the overall atmosphere and gaming experience. While 1v1.LOL may not focus heavily on musical elements, ambient sounds and audio cues are crucial for immersive gameplay, signaling different actions and events within the game.

1v1.LOL System Requirements

The system requirements for 1v1.LOL depend on the platform you’re using (PC, iOS, Android). Generally, the game is designed to be accessible, not requiring high-end hardware. 

For PCs, a stable internet connection, a modern browser, or the specific launcher used for the game, alongside basic graphics capabilities, are usually sufficient. 

Mobile versions would need a relatively recent operating system version to ensure smooth gameplay.

It’s important to consult the official 1v1.LOL website or platform-specific store pages for the most current information on system requirements, available downloadable content, and items for sale to ensure compatibility and to know what’s new in the game.

Top 5 1v1.lol Competitors

The top 5 alternatives to 1v1.LOL as of December 2023 are websites that offer similar fun with building and shooting games. Let’s take a quick look at each:

  1. 1v1lol.online is very similar to 1v1.LOL. It’s a game where you try to be the last one standing by shooting and building. If you like games where you survive against others, you’ll probably enjoy this game. It’s quite popular and has lots of players.
  2. CrazyGames.com is a place where you can find lots of different free online games. They add new games every day, so there’s always something new to play. Lots of people visit this site, and they spend a good amount of time playing games there, showing it’s a fun spot for gamers.
  3. 1v1-lol.io mixes action and building just like 1v1.LOL. It’s all about being smart and quick, both in shooting and making structures to protect yourself. While it might not be as big as some other sites, it still has a loyal group of players who really like the game.
  4. 1v1lolunblocked.com is great for playing battle royale and building games without restrictions, which means you can play even if some game websites are blocked, like at school. It offers a good challenge and is easy to access, making it popular, especially among players looking for games they can play anywhere.
  5. Cooljuegos.com offers a big collection of free games, choosing only the best ones from the internet. It’s a site that speaks Spanish, and it’s made for players who want to enjoy a variety of games, including ones like 1v1.LOL. It’s got lots of visitors, which means many people find fun games to play there.

These sites are great for people who love gaming, especially if you enjoy building and fighting in games. Each one has something special, so you might find your next favorite game by checking them out.

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