3 best exercises to lose belly fat after 50 (Must Read and Watch)

Losing belly fat can be a difficult process. While it is not impossible, it is not easy either. To lose belly fat, you need to exercise and watch your diet. You need to know what exercises to do for a more effective diet. These 3 exercises are practical and help you lose belly fat after 50.

The 3 best exercises to lose belly fat after 50

The best way to lose belly fat is to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

However, if you want to accelerate your results and get rid of your belly fat faster, you can add these three exercises to your routine.

Carrying weight while you walk for a certain distance

According to research from the University of Missouri-Columbia, carrying weight while walking for a certain distance helps burn abdominal fat. The study found that walking with a weighted vest can burn up to 100 calories per hour and help reduce waist size by an inch.


The purpose of the finisher is to get your heart rate up, get those muscles burning and make sure that you are getting all the benefits of your hard work in the weight room.

The finisher should be a faster-paced workout that works multiple muscles.

There are three different finisher exercises you could utilize in your workout routine.

Bodyweight squat

This exercise is good for working out your leg muscles and getting those calories burned quickly!

You can either do this exercise independently or combine it with other activities like lunges or squats with weights to increase the intensity and challenge you further.

Weight lunges

Lunges are another great exercise that targets multiple muscle groups at once while burning lots of calories!

You can either do regular lunges or weighted lunges, which would require you to hold dumbbells or barbells while doing them, which will make them even harder!

Hip Thrusts

Third and last the hip thrust is one of the best glute exercises out there. If you can not use barbell, then you can use a bench or even a Swiss ball for this exercise. The hip thrust targets your glutes and hamstrings, two muscle groups that need to be trained regularly for optimal results.


Running is one of the best exercises to lose belly fat after 50. Its a great way to burn calories and lose weight, even if you are not overweight. Running also helps improve your endurance and stamina.

If you are not used to running, start slowly and gradually increase your speed and distance.

Running can be done outdoors or on a treadmill. Its best to run in the morning before breakfast or early evening when you don’t have any food in your stomach.

You can also read our article related to exercise to reduce belly fat for females at home without equipment.

The 3 best exercises to lose belly fat after 50 [Video]

Benefits of these exercises

You might not think about walking as a weightlifting exercise, but it is. And if you’re new to the gym or recovering from an injury, walking can be a great way to build strength and endurance.

The benefits of these exercises:

  • Carrying weight while you walk for a certain distance builds your leg muscles and improves your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Bodyweight squat: This strengthens your legs.
  • Weight lunges: Lunges work your glutes and quads (front thigh muscles), which helps prevent knee injuries. Lunges also improve balance and stability.
  • Hip Thrusts: These help build strength in the hips and lower back, which helps reduce low back pain caused by sitting for long periods at work or home. Hip thrusts also increase core strength, which is important for stabilizing the spine during bending over or lifting weights overhead.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our post about how to lose belly fat. We’ve included some information on the three best exercises to lose belly fat after 50.

You’ll want to make sure you are doing these 3 exercises consistently to see results. They are all easy to do, and it’s essential to stay consistent to see success.

If you need any help related to these exercises, don’t hesitate to contact us at wapost.co.uk. Thank you for reading; we hope you find this helpful information!

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