A Quick Review of Ocean Grown Strains

A Quick Review of Ocean Grown Strains

Ocean grown strains, which is often abbreviated as OG, is a term commonly used in the cannabis community to refer to strains that are believed to have originated in coastal regions. The term “ocean grown” is often associated with high-quality cannabis strains that have gained popularity over the years.

Ocean grown kush is usually cultivated using ocean-based techniques such as aquaponics or seawater farming, as we are going to see in this article. These growers may have unique strains or varieties that they cultivate using ocean-based techniques. However, the availability will vary depending on the location and legality of cannabis cultivation in the area.

If you want to understand more about ocean grown strains, then you are in the right place. We have provided a quick review that you might be interested in. Check this out.

Methods of Growing an Ocean Grown Strain

As hinted, various methods are used to grow an ocean grown strain. Here are a few major examples.

  • Aquaponics – This is a method that combines hydroponics or soilless cultivation and aquaculture. In this specific system, the cannabis plants are grown in water-based nutrient solutions without soil while fish are raised in tanks.
  • Seawater farming – Some growers filter and treat the seawater to remove impurities and balance the nutrient levels. Seawater may provide unique mineral compositions that could affect the growth and flavor of cannabis plants.
  • Floating platforms – Some innovative growers have developed floating platforms or shafts to grow ocean grown kush. These platforms can be anchored in shelter bays or offshore areas. The plants are grown in pots or hydroponics systems on the platforms with the roots submerged in the ocean water.

Examples of Ocean Grown Strains

Oceans grown strains are known for their unique characteristics including strong and pungent aromas, potent effects, dense, resinous buds and more. Some well-known OG strains include:

  • OG Kush – A potent hybrid strain with a fuel-like aroma and a reputation for its low THC content. It is often sought after for its strong effect on the endocannabinoid and relaxation on the body.
  • Tahoe OG – This one is named after Lake Tahoe. This strain has a strong lemon and earthy scent. It is famous due to the relaxing and sedating effects it offers.
  • SFV OG – This is simply an abbreviation for San Fernando Valley OG. It is popular for its piney and lemony aroma. It offers an oriented and euphoric high, often including a sense of relaxation.

Benefits of Ocean Grown Strains

Ocean grown kush comes with a lot of advantages. One is that it has a unique flavor profile. This is mainly because of the use of ocean water or marine-based nutrients in the cultivation process. It introduces distinct mineral compositions to the plants and potentially influences their flavor profile.

Ocean grown strains brings about environmental sustainability. Remember that ocean-based methods have the potential to reduce the strain on freshwater resources. So utilizing seawater or saltwater-based irrigation systems can minimize freshwater usage, which is specifically advantageous in water-scarce regions.

Summing It Up

It is good to understand that there are no specific contents or characteristics inherent to an ocean grown strain itself. To determine the specific content of an ocean grown strain, you need to understand the genetic lineage or strain name and consult with the growers or dispensary who can provide detailed information on everything you want to know.

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