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AZR100: Also Known as Amazons AZR100X Today

In this blog, we are thrilled to introduce you to AZR100, known days viral as amazons azr100x, the latest compilation by Atomic Zoo Recordings, featuring tracks from various artists that promise an exhilarating auditory journey. 

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Join us as we delve into the essence of this album and discover how it harmoniously blends different sounds and styles, all available on Amazon Music for ad-free streaming and purchase.

Overview of Amazons AZR100X Atomic Zoo Recordings presents AZR100.

Atomic Zoo Recordings has been a beacon of creativity and innovation in the music industry. 

As an independent label, they have continuously pushed the boundaries by embracing emerging talents and encouraging established artists to experiment with their craft. 

With a remarkable track record of successful releases, Atomic Zoo Recordings has garnered a reputation for its dedication to promoting unique sounds that resonate with music lovers worldwide, like amazons azr100x.

The AZR100 Compilation Album

AZR100 is a landmark achievement for Atomic Zoo Recordings, representing a hundred releases that have shaped the label’s identity. 

This compilation exemplifies the diversity and depth of their musical vision, with each track carefully curated to offer a glimpse into the label’s evolution. 

The album serves as a mesmerizing mosaic of sounds, bridging the gap between various genres and musical sensibilities.

Featured Artists and Tracks

Within the captivating tapestry of AZR100X, a constellation of talented artists shines brightly. Each track on the album is a testament to the artists’ unique styles and creative expressions. Let’s explore some of the prominent contributors to this musical odyssey:


Delight in the ethereal melodies and thought-provoking lyrics take listeners on a contemplative journey of self-discovery. 

In the bustling urban landscapes, among the sea of suits and briefcases, a unique breed of individuals emerges—the Salaryman Musicians. 

Originally a jazz quartet called Poster Children, Salaryman formed in 1996 when Rick Valentin traded his guitar for a synthesizer and began collaborating with Jim Valentin, Rose Marshack, and Howie Kantoff of the Poster Children. 

Booker T. and the M.G. influence their sound as much as it does Kraftwerk. At the turn of the new millennium, the band released three albums and toured across the United States and Europe before going into cryosleep and recently re-emerging.

Odeed & Wish

Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms and infectious beats that ignite the dancefloor, leaving no feet still. Odeed & Wish. 

They are a musical duo or act that emerged and are widely recognized in mainstream music. 

The top two albums/songs by Odeed & Wish are:

Title of album: Skook / It’s Time

Songs & mixes: Odeed & Wish “Skook”, Odeed & Wish “It’s Time”

To learn more about Odeed & Wish and their music, I recommend searching for them on music streaming platforms and social media channels or checking their official website if they have one. 

Additionally, you can look for interviews, articles, or reviews to gain more insight into their musical style, background, and discography.


Experience the harmonic fusion of traditional instruments and electronic sounds, crafting an innovative symphony that transcends cultural boundaries. 

It was a real treat for music lovers when the Alt-pop duo Sepia Times performed for CDN Digital’s lockdown series last August 20, 2020. 

Sepia Times, composed of Elisha Ang (also known as Icy) and Luigi Balazo, performed their hits’ Breakfast,’ ‘Kofi Shop,’ and ‘Run,’ among others. 

Now, as they own up to their promise of releasing more music to their listeners, the Alt-Pop band will release a new music called “Fade To Black.” The song analyzes people trying to change themselves; no matter how hard they try, they always end in darkness. 

Listen to “Fade To Black” on streaming platforms.

Final Conflict & D Viant

Final Conflict & D Viant is an American hardcore punk band formed in 1983 in Long Beach, California. 

They are known for their energetic and politically charged music, often addressing social and environmental issues. 

Final Conflict & D Viant was part of the 1980s Southern California hardcore punk scene alongside bands like Bad Religion and Suicidal Tendencies. 

Over the years, they have released several albums and gained a dedicated following in the punk community.

Exploring the Diversity of Genres

AZR100 is a testament to Atomic Zoo Recordings’ commitment to celebrating the diversity of music. 

From ambient chill-out to heart-pounding techno and soulful R&B to high-energy drum and bass, the compilation represents an amalgamation of genres rarely witnessed in a single album. 

It’s a harmonious blend where listeners can explore new horizons and embrace musical experiences that resonate with their unique tastes.

The Evolution of Atomic Zoo Recordings

As we celebrate the release of AZR100, now famous as amazons azr100x, it’s essential to reflect on Atomic Zoo Recordings’ journey. 

From humble beginnings to establishing itself as a prominent player in the industry, the label’s dedication to fostering creativity has been unwavering. 

They have provided artists a platform to freely express themselves, fostering an environment where experimentation and innovation thrive.

Amazon Music: The Perfect Platform

With the album on Amazon Music, music enthusiasts have easy access to amazons azr100x and a vast collection of other artists and albums. 

Amazon Music’s ad-free streaming provides an uninterrupted listening experience, while the convenience of purchasing C.D.s or MP3s allows fans to support their favorite artists directly.


Atomic Zoo Recordings’ AZR100X is viral as amazons azr100x is a testament to the power of music in bringing people together. 

It showcases the label’s commitment to exploring the uncharted territories of sound and embracing diversity. 

Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or a casual listener, this compilation promises a unique and enriching experience. 

So, plug in your headphones or turn up the speakers and let the music of AZR100X transport you to a world where genres merge, boundaries blur, and creativity knows no limits.

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