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Don’t Miss These Royalty Heritage Adventures Across London

If we know at least three things about London, that would be Big Ben, the Thames River, and the rich monarchic history. From King Charles III, his mother, Elizabeth II, and their popular relatives like Queen Victoria, George V, George VI, but also Edward VIII and many other royalties, you can embark on a royal adventure easily. 


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But what to visit? 

Don’t worry, here’s a list of great royal heritage spots:

1. Buckingham Palace

No royal experience is complete without visiting Buckingham Palace. It’s the royal family’s official residence, and working royals have offices there. It’s open for different events and ceremonies, King’s private parties, and also some tourist visits to the State Apartments during summer. Additionally, you can enjoy Changing of the Guard, which is a great experience. 

2. Kensington Palace

The Kensington Palace belongs to THR The Prince and Princess of Wales and their three children. It also features offices for other working royals. Make sure to check on availability, as visitor numbers are very limited, just like the open time slots. 

3. St. James Palace

Even though the Palace is closed to the public, you can still enjoy the sight and visit the Chapel Royal. There is also a Changing of the Guard ceremony daily. The Palace was a primary royal residence until the early 19th century, being replaced by Buckingham Palace. 

4. The Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore

The resting place of Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert. They’re buried together, with large statues of them above the grave. And while you may not get close to the grave, you can watch it from an appropriate distance, paying respects to probably the most successful queen in British history. 

5. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a symbol of the royal history of the UK. The object has belonged to the royal family for centuries, and it’s an official residence of the Crown. It’s currently owned by King Charles III to the right of the Crown. Also, Windsor Castle is the longest-occupied palace, and it was often used by Queen Elizabeth II. Parts of it are open to the public but with limited access. Still, it’s often closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as during some royal events.

6. St. George’s Chapel

This is another place important for the royal family. Most of the royal funerals take place here, but many royalties rest at St. George’s Chapel too. It’s worth visiting to pay respects to the late King George V and Queen Mary and his parents, Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. The Chapel is marvellous, and the general public is allowed to visit it. You can also visit the resting place of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who is buried together with her mother, father, husband, and her sister’s ashes. While you can’t get to the grave directly, you can see it from a reasonable distance and pay your respects to Her Majesty and her family.

7. Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

There is a memorial fountain in Hyde Park dedicated to the beloved English princess, the late Princess Diana. The princes William and Harry opened this park in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace, and they placed a statue of their mother. They raised money through public donations and also planted over 4,000 flowers, including the Princess’s favourite forget-me-nots. And while the Princess rests in a remote area in Althorp, you can visit her park in London more conveniently.

8. Westminster Abbey

Surely, no royal experience is complete without visiting Westminster Abbey, a popular royal church that has served as the centre of all celebrations through the centuries and even many sad moments. The Gothic architecture style makes it recognizable from a distance. Many monarchs are buried there, including Edward I, Queen Anne, Elizabeth I, Mary the Queen of Scots, Charles II (in no particular order) and many others. Additionally, many well-known people rest there, including Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Stephen Hawking. So, there is no reason to miss Westminster Abbey while in London, as the most significant royal site.

Final Words

Now, it’s time to enjoy your ultimate London royal adventure. From the moment you catch on the Heathrow airport chauffeur transfers until you get back to fly home, make sure you incorporate as many London activities as possible to feel the real spirit of this beautiful city. So, you can start planning the monarchy exploration now, to never miss an opportunity to enjoy your stay.

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