Guide: Migrating from Google Workspace to Office 365

As the cloud continues to increase in popularity for business email and data storage, so do the platforms offering cloud hosting. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the 2 most popular platforms today, but we think Microsoft has the edge in offerings and experience, and this is why we are seeing many businesses Migrate from Google workspace to Office 365, especially as they grow. 

The migration tends to be a straightforward process, but, although they do offer similar functions, it’s possible to have some kinks along the way since they are 2 completely different platforms. This is why it’s best to get a professional to migrate for you to ensure smooth sailing. 

What Can Be Migrated?

Generally, everything that you have stored on a Google Workspace tenant can be migrated into Office 365. Typically, getting all the data from one to another is pretty simple, especially when using the proper tools, and we will certainly confirm that all data is there before calling it complete.

How to plan for Google Workspace migration?

Migrating data from Google Workspace to Office 365 will benefit your business by allowing your employees to access firm files away from the office on Virtual Desktop without setting VPNs, saving time and hassle.

Migration is not just a simple transfer of data; it involves a complete modification of the environment. These are all the factors that one needs to take into consideration before beginning the migration process-

Understand Google Workspace

Before you get into the new platform, it is important to understand all the nooks and crannies of Google Workspace. So, go through all the Google documentation and expert advice to understand more about Google Workspace.

Prepare a roadmap

Due to many intricacies, you need to plan the whole migration roadmap, taking into account every detail. You need to comprehend both platforms, ensure data security, ensure a hassle-free migration process, and foresee the problems involved.

Understand the data-

An appropriate data migration procedure depends on the data you are dealing with. Run a deep check on all the users, documents, and their sizes to be migrated.

OneDrive migration

The transfer of emails, contacts, and calendar information is smoothly carried out using the Data Migration Service. But the OneDrive file can only be migrated manually. Set up a suitable plan to migrate this data.

Timely communication

Ensure that you have a smooth communication channel throughout the migration time to avoid panic in any circumstances. You can even include an email id or thread dedicated to this communication.

Train all the users

Every worker should be trained in the new productivity suite since the interface and processes are different. They might require guidance with some training and workshops.

Backup Office 365 data

The most important part of the plan is to back up data selectively from Office 365 or entirely. This must be done at the earliest to avoid losing important data. You can utilize Office 365 Backup and Restore with the help of a third-party Office 365 Backup solution.


As we’ve said before, it is always best to reach out to professionals with experience in migrating from Google to Office 365. Apps4Rent is the best migration service provider as they can help every step of the way and walk you through the process while doing the hard work for you. Apart from that they even provide Cloud Desktop Services with 100% assistance and 24/7 tech support, which makes them the perfect partners to select for the service.

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