How Can I Wear Patches With My Everyday Outfit?

Fashion is something that’s totally subjective, yet still has trends and rules that a lot of people try to follow. There are lots of trends that come and go too, but one that always seems to stick around is accessorising with embroidered patches. These can look super retro or uber modern, it all depends on how you style them. You might wonder how you can incorporate them into your daily wardrobe, and it’s actually pretty easy. So, keep reading and find out how you can wear patches with your everyday outfits.


Sneakers are a brilliant way to dress down any outfit that’s looking a little too smart, and they’re also great for adding patches to as well. Canvas sneakers in particular work wonderfully with iron-on patches as the material adheres to the glue. You can also add multiple patches to them to really make them stand out from the sea of other sneakers. You could go for something vintage looking so that your outfit calls back to decades before, or you could go for more modern looking ones that match your aesthetic. The choice is 100% yours, and you’ll soon have much more interesting looking sneakers too!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are super common in fashion nowadays. People love to take them shopping and even use them as handbags, so it only makes sense to add your patches to them. You can add as many as you want and any size too, as tote bags are the perfect blank canvas for patches to be added on to. There are so many options as well, from bold statements to cutesy cartoons, you can really create something uniquely yours. Having patches on your tote bag will allow people to get a little bit more of an insight into your personality without you even having to say a word.


You might not realise it, but t-shirts are perfect for patches! Especially if you have a pocket on the breast, they can easily be applied there and look fabulous. You could pop them on the sleeves or even across the back, the design is entirely your choice. So, why not spruce up your old t-shirts and give them a new lease of life with some embroidered patches. You’ll be amazed at how much better they look, and you’ll get a load more wears out of them yet!

Denim Jackets

Finally, there’s the old favourite which is denim jackets. These are often seen as retro when you add some patches onto them, but it doesn’t always have to be that way if you’re not a fan of the vintage look. You can of course go full on 70s/80s with your patches, but you can also modernise them so that your jacket looks on trend too. You could plaster the sleeves and back of it in patches to create that retro feel or you could add a few here and there to give off a minimalist, futuristic vibe. Whichever you decide, your denim jacket will look that much better with the addition of your new patches!

Embroidered patches are a brilliant way to upgrade your wardrobe and they can easily be incorporated into your everyday outfits. All you need to do is take your commonly worn items and see which patches would suit them. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to accessorise with them too. So, make sure you take these top fashion tips on board, and you’ll soon be wearing an outfit that really stands out from the crowd.

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