How to Make Excellent Promotional Badges

Business owners need to come up with creative ways of promoting their brands. Promotional products are a good way of marketing your brand without overspending. There are plenty of products that you can customize and use to market your business.

One common use of promotional products is branded shopping bags that retail stores gift their customers. If you take a closer look at the bag, it features a logo and the supermarket or shop’s brand colors. Customized badges can be a good way to promote your business or product.

This guide will share some significant steps on how to make excellent promotional badges.

Develop a Design Prototype

You want a badge that will stand out and get attention from the masses. The design process can be challenging, but you can hire a freelance designer to help with the design process. Some companies that manufacture promotional products have a team of in-house designers you can work with.

Some of the main features you should focus on during the design stage are the shape and the brand’s logo. Ensure that the font is easily readable, and your colors are not too loud. Professional designers will help you choose the right font for your badges. You can check out promotional badges from Rocket Badge for design inspiration.


You should consider a couple of factors when choosing the ideal material for your badges. You should not compromise on quality and durability. Your number one goal should be customer satisfaction by creating quality promotional badges or products.

Wood and metal badges are very durable and of high quality. However, they are expensive, especially on production costs. Rubber and plastic badges are also good if you are looking for a low-cost option.

Look for a Good Manufacturer

Some firms mass manufacture promotional products including everything from bags to badges and caps. Choosing the best manufacturer in your city is important if you want quality products for your business.

Read reviews from past clients. The reviews will give a clear picture of the firm. Avoid a company with too many negative reviews. Also, look at their portfolio to see which major brands they have worked with.

A company that has a team of in-house designers will save you a lot of money. The designers will help work on your prototype before pushing it to mass production.

Avoid Chasing Trends

Nowadays, marketing teams hop on what is trending to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. However, this can be dangerous, especially if the trend dies and you have a stock of badges and other promotional products that are of fashion.

Your designs should be influenced by your target. What is your target market? For example, if you are focusing on teenagers, you can make promotional badges featuring their favorite superheroes. 

Wrapping Up

Promotional badges are a good way of pushing your brand, especially if you are launching a new product or rebranding. Ensure that your badges feature your brand’s logo and colors. In addition, use high-quality material that is durable and feels nice in your hands.

You can opt to gift the badges to visit who check your stand during a fair or marketing event. You can also sell them or gift the badges to your loyal customers. 

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