How to organise your clothes – 5 small wardrobe ideas

How to organise your clothes – 5 small wardrobe ideas

When redecorating or planning the layout of your home, space is always going to be one of the most vital considerations, particularly if you live in a small apartment or semi-detached home. In such situations, you might not have a great deal of wardrobe space to work with, which can be a problem if you have an extensive selection of clothes. Here, however, we’ll be looking at how to make the most of a small wardrobe.

Choose a mirrored front 

A mirrored door can make small spaces look bigger and brings a little extra light into the room. It also serves two functions – a wardrobe door and a full-length mirror. To that end, a small walk-in closet will have no windows and therefore will feel dark without good lighting. Strip lighting is always a good option here.

Use floating shelves 

If your space is truly tiny, you may not have the depth for an enclosed walk-in unit. In this case, consider installing floating shelves and a rail to minimise the footprint of your walk-in closet area. What you lose in walk-in space you’ll more than make up for in useable space. Add drawers too, for underwear, socks, and accessories.

Install sliding doors

Sliding wardrobe doors work a treat for small walk-in closets as you don’t have to worry about swing space for the door. This is a particularly great idea for spare bedrooms and children’s bedrooms where space is truly at a premium.

Sort and purge

Sort through all your clothes and put them into three piles – keep, charity and bin. You’d be surprised how many of your clothes you probably forgot about and haven’t worn in months or even years so. And if you forgot they existed so easily do you really need them?

Use hangers and hooks

Invest in good-quality hangers that won’t damage your clothes. Slim hangers are ideal for saving wardrobe space and can help to create a more streamlined look. Hangers will also help you to sort your clothes more easily by type and colour and arrange them in your closet according to how often you wear them. Hooks are a great way to maximise your closet space too as you can use them to hang everything from bags and scarves to belts and hats. 

Label everything

Labels are a simple and effective way to keep your wardrobe organised and cost very little. Use them to identify the contents of your drawers and baskets and use label hangers to remind you what goes where. This will save you time and energy when getting dressed and putting away your clothes. A more organised wardrobe is also always going to feel bigger too, trust us on that one!

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