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Joinpd is a “Get Started” program for people ready to join the world of knowledge. Join PD as we help you get your foot in the door.

We are living in the 21st century, a man aiming to explore the world, and it looks like he will be succeeded sooner or later. Through the internet, the world connects you. You can get all solutions in every walk of life.

Today try to learn through this post how we can take knowledge and learn modern techniques. At the same time, stilling in our house, the park, any restaurant, or when you are sitting in your office.

To explain step by step and smoothly, let’s start today’s topic.

Introduction – JoinPD

Everyone knows the world is global, and everything is connected. We use so many mobile applications through which we share information with others. Like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram, and many other applications.

Here the topic is JoinPD, a plate-form where teachers and students connect. The teachers of the students create a presentation with the help of joinpd. Moreover, anyone can join this from any location also.

The idea of Pear Deck

Pear Deck is the founder of Joinpd, which he founded in 2014. He builds this plate form to help students in their educational activities. His idea was to create a knowledge hub where students could solve their queries. It doesn’t matter where they stay and where they work. Get and join code and take sessions and resolve hurdles in your courses.

In 2014 it was a unique idea, and Pear Deck won the award “New Startup of the Year.”

Distance Learning

In the modern world, everyone is busy improving living standards. And work well to increase our skills and educational level but have a very hectic day schedule. The reason is that the concept of distance learning has grown in the last ten years.

People can attend online courses, online classes, and online skill-oriented workshops. Without moving from their places can learn. The only need is an internet connection and a mobile or computer.

Pear Deck also caught this opportunity and, in 2014, launched the website www.joinpd.com. This forum is excellent for those willing to learn modern educational tools. And get in touch with the global community. 

Teachers need to create an account on Pear Deck, present a topic of discussion, and send a join code to students. When the display is in progress, anyone can enter the session. Your class login and pear deck session start for exploring new ideas.

As mentioned above, a presentation is required for teachers to start the session. But google also provides slides for learning. Why is joinpd different from other sources, for example, from Google drops?

Under the next heading, we try to learn the difference.

Google Slides vs. Pear Deck Slides

Slides are made by using Powerpoint, which is quite traditional. But pear deck join slides are not static. So students can raise questions and answer the teacher’s questions during the session on the screen. This practice makes teachers and students bound on the topic.

In other this type of websites or applications, you leave your question. After the session, you get your answers which can take time and disturb concentration.

Some of the best features Pear Deck try to explain in the next heading.

Best Features of Pear Deck

Many features of pear deck make joined different from other learning websites. A few of those are listed below;

Almost on every learning portal, you can make your account and join as a member. The actual thing is, what are you achieving from that portal? Is that application easy to access? Easy to approach? Easy to port with yourself?

After joining the pear deck, you will find ease and desired features.

Create an account on Pear Deck

You can create a login account on pear deck with some simple steps. After creating an account, the pear deck gives three types of package options to run your report.

1. The Free Package

In free package have most of the main features, such as;

  • Lesson creation
  • Google and Microsoft integration
  • Student’s time and locks
  • Slides templates and flashcard factories option.

2. Individual Premium Package: $149.99 per year

Individual premium packages include all features of the free package. And some more exclusive features such as;

  1. Add audio to slides.on
  2. Share student progress.
  3. Get an immersive reader.
  4. Highlights response by student name.
  5. Add questions and activities.
  6. Pear Deck Premium package for 60 days can be accessed without paying.

3. School and Districts: Customize Price

This package depends on user demand; the types of features he requires can be tools for user access. The annual fee also depends on its customization.

Google Account and Google Drive

As we know, many websites and applications exist on the internet. Give the option to create an account and get limited access. According to our brain capacity, we can not memorize all login ids and passwords.

Pear deck provides the choice we joined with our email addresses, google account, or Microsoft 365. That is relatively easy to manage and effortless. However, you can use google drive and drive space to restore and save data.

Join Code

As discussed above, this tool is for teachers and students. From here can communicate with each other through online classes.

Here, the teacher, after signing in, makes a presentation. And send the invitation link to the relevant students of the subject. After clicking the link, the student can join the session. You can select the most suitable link from the list shown on your screen.

Class Login

Students, if you don’t know how to join the presentation session at www.joinpd.com. No worries, here is an article to guide you step by step. Let us come; we start from the beginning.

Create an Account on the Pear deck

Log in with the Google or Microsoft Office 365 account you wish to use. After login, click on the register as teacher login. Next, select the type of account you want to sign in to.

In the next step need to answer some questions about your account. Here students have no access to any information.

To connect, click on allow button.

Log in with your email and password; permission is required to complete it.

I needed the postal code here and then selected the school.

It is not compulsory if your U.S postcode is not available or your institute doesn’t exist in the list.

Any five members can use their school address or postcode simultaneously.

How to Join Presentation

On www.joinpd.com teacher has to make and upload Presentation and provide the join code to the students.

After getting the join code, students can enter the session. Teachers can restrict the activities the student performs in online classes. Here teacher can track the student’s performance by limiting the alternations or any modification to the answer.

The teacher can restrict the activities of students performed in the online class.

How do students log in?

After getting the join code from the teacher, click on the menu button, and go to the required student logins. Check the option and turn it on the green. Now you are joining the Presentation.

How to join class login while walking on pear deck

Suppose you are already searching for some things on the pear deck. Select the most suitable link on your screen list of links below and join the session with the join code.

How can we join as teachers and students? 

Go to the official website of pear deck, or you can use the pear deck application on your mobile phone. The login option will be shown on your browser’s screen—log in with your username and password. After entering information, your dashboard will appear with a login page with your name. Your role, student or teacher, also appears on the portal.

In the steps listed above, try to clarify how to create an account on the pear deck and use different options to take online sessions. This information will provide you with a good understanding of the topic.

Impact on Education

After discussing the topic in detail, it is essential to discuss the impact of these learning tools on our society. The world is changing significantly in passing information to others in the most effective form. It is all because humans living on the earth find effective information-sharing methods. In the last 50 years, the growth of the world in every sector has increased.

  • Transportation level
  • Food processing 
  • Mining section
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Energy and Power sectors
  • Air Aviation sector
  • War weapons

You can compare what was before the 1960s and what we have now. Humans succeeded in making a solid sound communication system on the earth, and as effective, this system resulted well.

Joinpd Summary

From the above facts, joinpd.com is one of the best tools for students thirsty for knowledge and skills. Even if you are working or studying, whether you are in the U.S or outside doesn’t matter.

You need a join code from the teacher, and after getting the login code, you can join the session. And can learn educational and conventional skills from teachers with extreme knowledge.

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