Manchester: How Safe Is It?

Manchester’s reputation as a safe city has deteriorated over time. Is Manchester a safe place to live? Manchester has received criticism in recent years due to its high crime rate and position as the second most dangerous city in the UK for burglaries, according to the Manchester Evening News. This article will discuss this subject.

How Dangerous Is Manchester?

Many people believe Manchester to be a scary city. Yet figuring out how unsafe an area is can be difficult since there are so many factors to consider. To give you an idea of how unsafe the city is, we’ll compare its statistics to those of other UK areas. So, let’s look at some crime statistics.

Is Manchester Home to A High Crime Rate?

Manchester’s crime rate is relatively high when compared to the national average. According to statistics, it has a crime rate that is 138% more than the national average, indicating that it has far more crimes than are typical for Wales and the UK.

What Is the Crime Rate in Manchester?

For the past few years, Manchester has had one of the highest crime rates in the Country. According to Verisure Security, Manchester has around 380 crimes per 1000 persons, which is a significant figure given the size of the population.

Manchester shouldn’t be the second most reported city for crime in the UK given its size. This demonstrates the major crime issue the city as a whole is facing and mars the city’s reputation.

Antisocial behaviour, which has resulted in over 244,000 crimes over the past several years, was chosen as having the highest crime rate in Manchester, with violent crime coming in second with more than 122,000 offences.

So, Is Manchester a Dangerous Place to Live?

Based on the information we have gathered; we have concluded that Manchester is a dangerous city. Although violent crimes and anti-statistical social behaviour are the most common crimes, they have the potential to affect the whole population, making the area dangerous for people to live in.

Does A Manchester Business Need Security?

The simple answer is yes. A security service should be considered by every company, considering the high overall crime rate in the UK. Nonetheless, Manchester has a greater rate of burglaries, criminal damage, and arson than the rest of the UK. The income and take-home pay of an organisation may suffer because of these violations.

Although purchasing security for your business may seem expensive, doing so really shows to be a cost-effective strategy to secure its safety.

If you want to keep your belongings safe, use a reputable Manchester security firm. A trustworthy security company will ensure that you pay the least amount possible for the service by offering a price match guarantee.

The cost of a security guard might range from £10 to £50 per hour, depending on the service you want and the number of guards you hire for the task. Some businesses provide discounts in return for longer contracts and higher spending on larger teams.

You may save more money by employing a security guard to act as a potent deterrent to potential thieves who wish to steal your goods. Even while it could be a pricey purchase, you’ll still end up saving money.


Manchester does have several high-crime neighbourhoods that are unsafe and hazardous, especially at night when crime rates spike.

Manchester does, however, have some gorgeous neighbourhoods that are great for raising a family. It is suggested that you check the most recent and pertinent crime statistics if you are thinking about relocating to or visiting the area.

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