Rough Year For NFL QBs

Anytime that you are going to bet on Super Bowl champions, you are usually going to want to start with the quarterback position. That might be hard to do in 2022, as it has already been a difficult and frustrating year for a number of the quarterbacks in the league. 


Through the first few weeks of the 2022 NFL season, a number of the best young quarterbacks have already been missing games due to injury. One quarterback suffered a head injury that could eventually change how the league views concussions moving forward. 


Injuries are always going to be a part of any NFL season, but having quarterbacks missing games is never easy for any team. Most of the quarterbacks are going to make a return at some point, but these injuries have already impacted the 2022 season. 

Tagovailoa Suffers Bad Head Injury

The most notable injury to a starting quarterback so far in the 2022 NFL season belongs to Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins. This wasn’t even just one single injury either, as it was a combination of two straight games that really caused significant damage. 


The Super Bowl odds for the Miami Dolphins were improving after they upset the Buffalo Bills at home in a huge game in the AFC East. It was in that game that Tagovailoa suffered what was initially ruled a head injury but was suddenly turned into a back injury.


After being evaluated for a concussion, Tagovailoa was allowed to return to the game, and he led the Dolphins to a comeback win over the Bills. Miami then took the field just four days later on Thursday Night Football to face the Cincinnati Bengals.


Medical experts questioned the availability of Tagovailoa in that game, but the Dolphins cleared their star quarterback from concussion protocol. After being sacked in the second quarter of that game, Tagovailoa was laid out on the ground, and his fingers and hands completely locked up. 


At that time, it was pretty clear that Tagovailoa had suffered a serious head injury, and it was likely tied to the hit against the Buffalo Bills. The independent medical consultant that cleared Tagovailoa in the Buffalo game was ultimately fired, and the NFLPA has requested changes to the current rules regarding head injuries. 

Prescott Injured Thumb

The Dallas Cowboys had some interesting Super Bowl lines when it came to futures betting heading into the 2022 season, but things seemed to unravel pretty quickly. Not only did the Cowboys suffer a Week 1 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they also lost quarterback Dak Prescott in the process. 


Prescott injured his thumb after hitting it on the helmet of a Buccaneers defender, and it felt like a massive blow to the Cowboys at the time. Injuries have been a theme for the quarterback throughout his career, but this one was viewed as a fluke. 


Heading into Week 6 of the NFL season, there is a chance that Prescott is healthy enough to return. Dallas might not ever go back to their star quarterback, though, because backup Cooper Rush has gone a perfect 4-0 through Week 5. 


Things never seem to be easy for the Cowboys, and even getting a star quarterback healthy again comes with some drama. 

Saints Need Winston Back

The New Orleans Saints no longer have Drew Brees to turn to at the quarterback position, but they thought they had a solid backup plan in place with Jameis Winston. Winston came into the 2022 season with plenty of promise, but he was injured in Week 3 and missed Weeks 4 and 5.


The former number 1 overall pick is dealing with back and ankle issues that have kept him off of the field completely since Week 3. New Orleans has a chance to be a playoff contender if he is playing well, but they just need him to get back on the field.


There is a chance that Winston will still be able to return and play for much of the 2022 season, and that would be a huge boost to the chances for New Orleans. It is Taysom Hill that is carrying the Saints while Winston is out. 

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