Savoy Vase

Savoy Vase by Alvar Aalto: A Vintage Masterpiece from the Iconic Finnish Designer

Alvar Aalto, a luminary not only in Finnish but global architecture, championed the “Gesamtkunstwerk” movement, viewing each art form as an integral part of a universal work of art. This broad perspective encompassed various directions, including glassware. The vintage art glass vase “Savoy,” also known as the Aalto Vase, crafted by the maestro and his wife Aino, emerged as a symbol of its era. Its enduring popularity has led to continuous production, inspiring new art pieces in a similar style.

Born in 1936, the Savoy Vase was originally designed for the luxurious Savoy Restaurant in Helsinki

Originally designed for the opulent Savoy restaurant, which opened in Helsinki in 1937, the vase also participated in the 1936 Karhula-Iittala glassworks factory competition. Its revolutionary shape drew inspiration from the traditional dress of a Sami woman, with soft waves resembling dense fabric patterns. The initial concept, conveyed through simple crayon drawings on cardboard and note paper, evolved into intricate glass contours.

Aalto’s innovative approach involved fixing vertical sticks in the ground, acting as stoppers to guide molten glass in specific directions during the blowing process. Although today’s versions come in various sizes and colors, the production process remains complex. Initially attempting to use thin steel sheets to create undulating contours, wooden molds ultimately proved successful. The first iterations, standing at just 5.5 inches tall, proudly displayed their seams – a testament to the handcrafted process.

Today, the smaller Savoy Vases continue to be crafted in this traditional way, their seams a badge of authenticity. The larger versions, however, have evolved, maintaining Aalto’s signature design while eliminating the visible seams.

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