6 Reasons Why You Should Lease Solar Panels

The decision to go solar is not one to be taken lightly. The prospect of long-term payments can be intimidating. Luckily, there are options for up-front payment, tax credits, and even free solar panels for early adopters.

While making the switch from traditional energy sources may seem daunting, there are many reasons you will be glad you did.

Not quite convinced? We have all the reasons you should choose to lease solar panels and switch to renewable energy.

1. Savings From Day One

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your energy bills from day one. Not only will you be saving money on your energy bills, but you will also be helping to protect the environment. Solar panels are a renewable energy source and do not produce any emissions.

This means they are much better for the environment than traditional energy sources such as coal and gas. Leasing solar panels is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help make the world better.

By leasing solar panels, you are not required to put money down for installations. Solar Leasing companies will pay for the design, permits, equipment, and installation. You only make your lease payment monthly once your system is turned on, instead of making the payment to your utility company.

Solar panels typically have a 25-30 year lifespan, so you’ll be able to enjoy their energy-saving benefits for many years.

2. Years of Hassle-Free Maintenance and Service

If you are considering switching to solar power, you may wonder if you should purchase or lease your solar panels. While there are benefits to both, there are a few reasons why leasing may be the better option for you. One reason is that you can enjoy years of hassle-free maintenance and service.

With a lease, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your panels or repairing them if damaged. This can make solar power more affordable for some people. If you decide to sell your home, you can usually transfer the lease to the new owner, which means they can enjoy the benefits of solar power without making a significant upfront investment.

When you rent solar panels from companies like Blue Raven, they will take care of all the regular maintenance and servicing, so you don’t have to lift a finger. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of solar power without hassle or worry.

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3. Energy Independence From Solar Panels

Studies have shown that transitioning to renewable energy will lead to independence from fossil fuels. For example, every electric vehicle that takes the place of a gasoline car on the road saves around six barrels of oil every year, and using heat pumps reduces the need for natural gas.

Being energy independent means not relying on anyone else for energy. The average house in the United States uses about 10,400 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, costing the homeowner about $1,000.

Solar panels can significantly reduce this amount, often by half or more. In addition, solar panels are becoming increasingly more affordable, with the cost of solar panels dropping by about 70% over the last ten years. With solar panels, you can produce energy, meaning you are less reliant on the energy grid and more independent.

This is increasingly important as utility companies continue to raise rates. Solar panels are also much more efficient than they used to be, making them a much more viable option for the average homeowner.

Hydro, wind, and solar power are the most practical solutions when producing electricity.

4. Reduce Your Monthly Energy Costs

Solar panels produce energy during the daytime when energy demand is typically highest. This can help offset the cost of your energy bills and potentially save you money each month.

Solar panels are also low maintenance and require little to no upkeep, making them a hassle-free way to reduce your energy bills.

5. Take Advantage of Government Incentives

A solar energy system makes you eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC. In December 2020, Congress passed an extension of the ITC, which provides a 26% tax credit for systems installed in 2020-2022 and 22% for systems installed in 2023.

Federal and state tax credits can make solar much more affordable, and some programs offer rebates for installing solar. These incentives can make a big difference in the cost of going solar, so it’s worth looking into.

6. Increase the Value of Your Home

Solar panels are desirable for many homes or commercial property buyers and will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Installing solar panels in a home not only helps to reduce current monthly utility bills but can also potentially increase the home’s value by up to 4.1% more than comparable homes with no solar panels.

Go Green and Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that can help fight climate change and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. It is a renewable power source and is vital in reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels generate electricity from the sun and do not produce emissions or pollutants.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re thinking of going solar, consider leasing solar panels.

It’s a great way to go green and save money simultaneously. You can apply from solar providers online. Get an instant quote, so you’ll know just how affordable solar leasing can be.

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