The Best Estate Cars For A New Family

Choosing a new car can be difficult with the number of vehicles on the market, all with varying price points, engines, and designs, so having an idea of what you are looking for can help to narrow down your search, so you can choose a car that fits your requirements. When choosing your car, you’ll need to think about a few factors to help to point you in the right direction – your budget is a good place to start. There are cars on the market, both new and used that would make perfect, affordable family cars, and with car finance bad credit, you don’t have to worry about not being approved because of your credit score. Read on to find out more about some of the best estate cars for your family, and how to choose the best vehicle for you.

What to look for in a family car 

Over time, as your family grows, the space in your car will have to follow suit. Choosing a family car can be overwhelming with so many to choose from – how do you know which is best? There are a few factors that you should consider when choosing your perfect family car that we will look at in more detail below, like safety features, reliability and of course, budget.


When choosing a car for the family, safety is one of the most important factors to consider, so it helps to know a few of the features that you should look out for when shopping for your new car. If you have a make or model in mind, you can start by searching its Euro NCAP rating. This refers to the European standard for car safety, which ranks cars on how safe they are. Cars are rated from 0-5, with 5 being the safest. Other features you could look for include child locks for the rear doors and whether you can fit a car seat easily.


Even though it’s a family car, there are still elements of functionality that can be helpful on long journeys. For example, Bluetooth connectivity so you can answer calls hands-free and make calls easily if you need to, whilst still being able to stay focused on the road. Infotainment systems can be helpful to keep the family entertained on long drives, and some even offer built-in SatNavs which is handy if you’re going on holiday or road trip.


Arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a new car, you don’t want to buy a vehicle that is renowned for breaking down, or not starting when you need it to – this can cost you money and cause unnecessary stress! Doing a bit of research on your preferred make and model can be helpful to give you an idea of how reliable they really are. It is worth keeping in mind that the less wear and tear, the more reliable a car tends to be – so a new or nearly new car may be the best option.

Features of an estate car 

Estate cars are the perfect choice for a growing family. They provide the space that you’ll need to get from A to B comfortably, with everything you need. Estate cars are known for their elongated shape, which extends further than the back wheels – this provides optimal space within the vehicle itself, and the boot. Boot space is essential for families with children that may need to do the school run, transport pushchairs, additional luggage, or their dog! But just because they can provide you with all the space you need, that doesn’t mean they’re a frumpy choice – many modern estate cars look stylish and sporty, so you don’t have to compromise on design. Although your family is growing, that doesn’t mean your car payments need to. Estate cars are not much more expensive than the average hatchback, so you are bound to find a vehicle that suits your budget perfectly. Here are a few of the best estate cars that you could choose for your new or growing family.

Volkswagen Passat Estate

The Volkswagen Passat is one of the best and most well-known family cars around – and the estate can offer you even more. You can choose from a broad choice of engines depending on what you prefer, and what suits your wallet. Compared to some of the higher-end competitors, this car is more affordable – it offers a large boot space, perfect for storing everything you need for a trip or the school run. It is a refined and solid option that would make a great overall family car. Of course, there are some drawbacks – if running costs are something that you are keen on reducing, the Passat may be outdone by its rivals, which may cost you less to drive.

Volvo V60

This is the biggest estate in Volvo’s range and is without a doubt one of its best. This estate offers plenty of space inside so you can all enjoy a comfortable journey, made even better by the smooth handling and ride. A Volvo V60 would make a great family car, but also boasts stylish features like an infotainment system, and a classy interior. Not only does it look smart, but it is also cheaper than most Volvo’s to buy and run – so if you’re looking for a stylish, economical estate car, this could be the one for you.

Skoda Octavia Estate 

The Skoda Octavia is a popular family car, but the estate model could be ideal for you if space is at the top of your requirements. This vehicle offers a roomy interior, with a huge boot – so you won’t be pushed for space. Not only this, but it also provides a smooth ride so you can benefit from the comfort and good handling on long drives. You can choose from various engines – there is even a hybrid model if you are eager to reduce your carbon footprint. Overall, this estate car offers everything from a comfortable

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