Custom Charity Vests

Tips For Designing Custom Charity Vests

Corporate social responsibility can help you promote a positive brand image for businesses. Supporting and sponsoring charity events in your city or town is a creative way to get your brand out there and build a relationship with the community.

You can sponsor the events by donating custom-designed charity vests or attire. The clothes will feature your brand’s logo, slogan, and colors. However, designing custom-branded attire can be a challenge. The goal is to make charity gear that is durable, comfortable, and features unique designs.

Below we look at some tips that will help you design quality custom charity vests for upcoming events.

Choose the Right Fabric

Whether it is for a charity walk or a marathon, having the best attire helps boost the participants’ performance. Running vests or shirts must be breathable and have moisture-wicking properties. This means that the vests will dry faster and will not stick to the runner’s body.

Nylon is a good option as it is breathable, stretchy, and sweat-wicking. It is also cheaper than cotton and wool. Wool is perfect for making all-weather charity vests because it can regulate body temperature.

Some manufacturers combine wool and synthetic fabric to make fitted running attire that is incredibly lightweight and extremely breathable.

Develop a Design

Your design should be tied to the event you are sponsoring. However, this can make designing custom charity vests more challenging. You need to fit in your brand’s logo, slogan, and colors. The design must also be minimal for better visibility.

You can get design ideas from charity vests available at The Charity Clothing Company. A professional fashion designer will come in handy at this phase. They will help you select the right colors and fonts that resonate with the event.

Size and Comfort

Size and comfort are significant factors to consider when designing custom charity vests or running attire. The vests shouldn’t be too tight or baggy. Tight vests will restrict movement and may cause bruises in the neck and armpit areas. Baggy vests will look out of place, especially for slim people.

The best option is to make vests size from XS-XXL so that there is something to suit everybody. The stitches should also be well done to ensure that there are no parts that may cause any discomfort.

Look for a Good Manufacturer

Take your time and do due diligence when looking for a manufacturer. Reviews and customer testimonials will give you more information about the manufacturer. Look through some of the brands they have worked with.

Also, ask for a quote from the manufacturer. Remember to mention the number of vests and the design you want printed on the garment. This will help the manufacturer give you the right quote.

Last, review the contract terms, and don’t forget to read the fine print. Pay extra attention to the delivery times, refunds, and payment options.

Bottom Line

Custom charity vests can help you promote your brand and reach a wider audience. The tips shared in this guide will help you manufacture stunning vests that will leave a lasting impression on the participants.

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