Why Key Card Locks Are Growing In Popularity

If you are considering installing key cards or upgrading your old key system at your new business, you are making the right choice. Even hotels with a vintage aesthetic usually use key cards to secure guests and cut running costs.

They serve as both a practical tool for the convenience of guests and an effective promotional tool for brand promotion. Hence, it gains popularity due to its aesthetic appeal and ease. In this article, you will discover why keycards are gaining popularity and the numerous sorts of available cards you might be interested in.


When you use key cards, you do not need to hire a locksmith to fix locks or make new keys. If a traditional key is lost, it is considerably more expensive to secure the safety of your guests and replace it.

A master key is not required; creating new key cards does not need. You can reuse a magnetic stripe card five to eight times with improved encoding. With updated encoding, RFID cards have indefinite applications. You can deactivate misplaced keys and send replacements. When you use key cards, you do not need to hire a locksmith to fix locks or make new keys. If a traditional key is lost, it is considerably more expensive to secure the safety of guests.



Key cards are straightforward to clean and reuse. They are designed to unlock rooms easily, making them appropriate for guests with physical impairments. The majority of key card locks utilize radio-frequency identification (RFID) to detect the RFID in the key card. Some key cards function via a swipe mechanism, while others are one-touch devices.

Low Risk

To avoid misunderstanding, traditional keys are typically labeled with room numbers from key card lock manufacturers. It poses a security concern if a guest’s missing key is discovered. As soon as a guest reports a lost key card, the card can be deactivated, and immediately you will have a replacement. When a key is lost, replacing a door’s lock can take more than a week.


Key cards, which are smaller than conventional keys and shaped like credit cards, are convenient for guests to carry in their wallets. They are a hassle-free entry option for contemporary hotel rooms. Additionally, they are quicker to use than conventional keys and are perfect for swiftly gaining entry to several rooms.

Can’t Be Tampered


Traditional keys can be duplicated by anyone, creating unauthorized copies. Even though this is a rare issue, it is conceivable with regular keys but not with key cards. Due to the impossibility of duplication or tampering and the convenience of replacement, there is no such security issue with cards. Key cards may hold basic check-in information, but guests need to be reassured about losing important or financial information that is not attached.

Use In Various Ways

Key cards are created to unlock restricted hotel amenities such as the swimming pool, where there is a reason for how does a 3-way valve work, the fitness center, and the computer lab. You can use it after check-out hours to access and exit the hotel. This multi-use safety feature is far more challenging to accomplish with other essential methods.

Types Of Hotel Key Cards And Their Specific Functions

  • With the use of cutting-edge technology, a key card enables rapid entry. In the hospitality industry, a dependable access control system is essential. Here are the two most prevalent key card types and their operation.
  • These key cards connect to RFID locks by wireless communication and proximity activation.
  • Magnetic security stripes with built-in security on a key card, metal grooves, and ridges are no longer necessary. This category is also known as “magnetic stripe cards.”

Features Of Key Card Locks


In every new technology, one thing to appeal to customers is its excellent features. Here are the key card lock features that might help you purchase one. 

Get Everyone Into The Building More Quickly

Have you determined the typical unlocking time? The user must find keys, place them into the door lock, and turn the knob. What if your staff could unlock the door by waving a card or key fob? Access cards and fobs are faster and easier to use. Your employees will never have to jiggle the key to get in. You can swipe or wave at the access control panel. In this case, it saves time. 

Give Everyone Access At Different Levels

Access control is the best way to keep things safe when certain people should only be able to go into certain rooms or areas. In the corporate offices of many of our clients, only executives can get into rooms with important files, and only IT staff members can get into computer network areas. With its access control systems, you can make a system where each person has a certain level of access.

Keep Track of Employees Coming In And Going Out Of The Building

We allow our customers to set schedules and monitor when their personnel enter and leave the facility and sensitive locations. Aside from the installed ndi hx camera, an event log will record their entry when someone swipes their card at an access control door. You may track employees’ attendance, punctuality, and entry and exit times. You can check your event log to see who entered the area if someone reports unusual behavior.



A faultless security system is necessary to protect your facility. The door access system will serve as your primary security measure. If an individual attempt to enter without the appropriate key card, they will be denied entry. Hence, those are the following main reasons why key card locks are gaining popularity due to their popularity.

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