7 Headphone Accessories That Everyone Needs

Did you know that the average American listens to roughly four hours of audio per day? Most of us use headphones or speakers to listen to audio, with headphones being favored for portability and computers. But what are the best headphone accessories to use with your headset?

If you’re looking to make some headphone upgrades, we’re here to help! Read on to learn about seven headphone accessories you can use to improve your listening experience.

1. Hard Protective Case

If you’re on the move, there’s countless ways to damage your property. Dropping or bumping your headset can cause the headband to bend or snap. Even transporting your headset in a backpack can squish or damage the headset!

The best way to avoid the damage is with protective cases. But what makes a case good?

With delicate electronics, it’s best to use a hard protective case. These cases will stop anything from bending the headset or puncturing an ear cup.

The primary con is that they can sometimes be difficult to pack around. If you have a large case, fitting it into a backpack may squeeze you for room. A larger backpack (or smaller case!) is an ideal fix to this scenario.

You can check out this Beats Fit pro case for a great protective case. Think of how you transport your equipment and whether you need a case at all! If your headphones never leave your computer, you may not need this accessory.

2. Cleaning Kit

Another fantastic option is a cleaning kit, which many of us forget. Have you ever looked into your headphones to see a build up of grime and oil?

Your headphones stay pressed against your hair and skin, often for hours at a time! As a result, it’s easy for bodily oils to gather in the small areas of your headphones.

The same is true if you prefer earbuds or other types of headphones. Earwax can gather in the insert, which lowers the listening experience and causes health issues.

A cleaning kit can help take care of these issues. Your ideal cleaning kit could include antibacterial wipes, small instruments to remove any build-up, and more.

Think of what you need to clean your headphones before purchasing! You don’t want to buy a cleaning kit and find that you only needed one item from the kit.

3. Stylish Stand

If you mostly spend your time at a desk or computer, you may not have somewhere to put your headset. Do you leave it unprotected on your desk or rest it on the floor?

Resting your headset on your desk can cause clutter. Leaving it on the floor makes it easy to step on or damage.

Instead of these options, consider a stylish headphone stand. These stands provide an easy, out-of-the-way place to put your headset that keeps them safer.

If you use wireless headphones, you have some wonderful headphone options. Many stands will charge your wireless headphones so you know they’re always charged.

Nothing is worse than having your headphones run out of battery while you’re using them! Adding a charging headphone stand is the ideal way to keep your device safe and functional.

4. Built-In Microphone

Many of us purely use our headphones for listening, but what if you need them for speaking? If you play online games, talk to friends, or work from home, speaking is often required.

Some people prefer to use a “stand alone” microphone. These often have a high audio quality but are expensive and can clutter your desk.

One of the best headphone upgrades you can make is to use a built-in microphone for your headset. The right headset will have a high audio quality with a microphone at a convenient position.

You also will save on desk space and need to plug in the microphone. Many headsets also have controls on the wire to help change the volume or mute. It’s a great way to use technology to encourage communication while keeping your desk clear.

5. Headphone Amps

When it comes to listening, many audiophiles want the best sound they can find. But how can you improve a headphone’s sound without replacing them with a better pair?

Headphone amps are a wonderful way to improve the sound quality of your headphones. These amps will bring the audio from its source (your computer, for example) and alter it before feeding it into your headphones.

These can cause a bit more desk clutter, but they’re worth it for anyone listening to audio. Use these amps to vastly improve the listening experience without having to replace your headphones.

6. Effective Charging Accessories

There are more ways to charge your headphones than a stand! What if you’re on the go and don’t have a charging stand with you?

It’s a good idea to look into the various portable chargers you can use. Many audiophiles will carry a portable charger with them that can keep the headset charged.

There are also “lightning chargers” that will charge your device faster than usual. These are a great idea if you’re traveling and won’t have much time to sit and rest. An airport or a bus stop where you’re rushing to get to your destination is perfect for these chargers.

7. Headphone Splitter

Finally, what if you want to share the audio? Headphones are difficult to share in the same way you would share an earbud. The best way to do so is with a headphone splitter.

A headphone splitter is an auxiliary connection that plugs in like your usual “aux” cord. From there, it has two female connections that you can connect headphones to. That way, you can share the audio with someone else using a headset!

Finding the Best Headphone Accessories

Using headphone accessories is a great way to customize your listening experience. Different types of headphones, such as wireless headphones, may benefit from accessories differently. Consider your many headphone options while looking for technology that improves your experience.

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