ACs to Furnaces: 3 Signs You Need HVAC Repair

It’s getting to be the perfect time of year to cozy up with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and binge-watch some holiday films. Some people have a real love for winter, but others find it to be absolute chaos.

While some households can get by with basic heating systems, other HVAC system require much more maintenance to keep them going. If you’re unable to get heat in the middle of winter, you need to go and find AC repair as soon as possible.

How can you tell if you need HVAC techs to come to fix your broken systems? Here are three signs that you need HVAC repair immediately.

1. Insufficient Airflow

If you’ve noticed a decline in the amount of air coming from vents, it could indicate a home HVAC system that does not work to the optimal amount and may require some work. Additionally, air from the vents may not feel warm or cool enough, which again could be a sign of reduced airflow.

Lastly, you may also find that your energy bills have increased yet again, as the HVAC system is struggling to maintain the temperature and will use more energy to do this. If you’ve noticed any of the signs, search for AC technician immediately to investigate and make any necessary repairs.

2. Frequent Cycles

If your furnace or A/C turns on and off more frequently than usual, this could be a sign of a faulty thermostat, a blocked or dirty air filter, or an otherwise malfunctioning component. You should invest in HVAC repair as soon as possible to keep your system running at peak efficiency and to avoid potential further damage.

If the temperature in your home doesn’t change when the system cycles on and off, that’s another indication that immediate repair may be necessary. If your air conditioner or furnace runs longer than it should, this could also mean that you need some imminent repair.

3. High Humidity

You depend on your HVAC to keep you comfortable in your home throughout the year, and when it’s not working properly, the results can be less than ideal. High humidity can cause condensation on your windows and walls, coughing or sneezing from dust in the air, and an uncomfortable environment that makes it difficult to sleep or get any work done.

In addition, if your AC or furnace is emitting a musty, moldy odor, it could be an indication of a leak or clogged air filter. If it smells like something has burned, then you should check for an internal malfunction or clogged fan.

Get Your HVAC Repaired Today

It’s important to pay attention to the signs that your HVAC system may need HVAC repair. ACs and furnaces are prone to general wear and tear, and periodic maintenance is key to good performance.

If you’re having temperature issues, weird noises, or an increase in your energy bill, contact a professional to have your system inspected. Don’t take the risk of getting stuck in the heat or cold this season, call an HVAC repair specialist today!

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