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AOL is the perfect resource for information and entertainment, including news, sports, weather, entertainment, local and lifestyle. AOL offers a wide range of information and entertainment at the touch of a button. Get aol com news sports weather entertainment local & lifestyle with aol.com, the world’s leading online news and media company.

AOL Inc. is the go-to destination for the latest stories shaping the world and impacting everyone. With more than 40 million visitors monthly, our content platform offers up-to-the-minute updates on news, entertainment, and lifestyle topics across the global Internet. 

AOL provides original video programming and live streaming broadcasts of major sports events, including professional soccer matches from Europe’s top leagues like England’s Premier League or Italy’s Serie A and La Liga. 

Major college football games from NCAA conferences, including SEC & Big Ten; and international rugby union matches featuring international teams such as Ireland’s Leinster Rugby Club & Scotland’s Glasgow Warriors Rugby Team

What is AOL.com?

AOL.com is a portal. A portal is a website that provides access to other sites through links or indexes, and it’s what you use when you go to the Internet, or “the cloud,” as some people call it.

The AOL name comes from America On-Line (AOL), originally called Quantum Computer Services Inc., but changed its name to America Online in 1997 after acquiring Time Warner Inc.’s Qwest Communications International Inc.

What can aol.com help me with?

AOL.com is a website and portal that provides users access to news, sports, weather, entertainment, and lifestyle content. It has been around since 1993, known as America Online (AOL). Today the site is owned by Verizon Communications Inc., which acquired it in 2015 for $4 billion.

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Can I use aol.com as my homepage?

Yes, you can use aol.com as your homepage. To do this, pick “Homepage” by clicking the “settings” icon in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll be able to customize your homepage by clicking on any of these options:

  • Default (none selected) – This is where you’ll see only links to news and sports sites that have been set as default by AOL’s algorithms
  • My Homepage – This is where you’ll see all of AOL’s personalized content like weather forecasts, entertainment listings, and more

Aol com news sports weather entertainment local & lifestyle

The latest news that is impacting everyone and changing the world can be found on AOL. With an impressive array of content, you’ll find everything from news, sports, and entertainment to weather and lifestyle in one place.

AOL has been a leader in providing diverse content across multiple platforms since its inception in 1995. The company continues to create new ways for people to connect through its digital properties—including AOL On, which offers users access to more than 200 channels, including CNN International; The Huffington Post; TechCrunch; Engadget; Business Insider UK; Daily Mail Online; People Magazine and more (and even more!).

News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle | AOL Inc.

The best place to find the most recent news that is affecting everyone in the world is on AOL. From breaking news and in-depth investigations to original reporting on culture, business and entertainment, we bring you original content that’s not just timely but also engaging.

We’re committed to delivering relevant information that connects people with brands they love—sports with Sports Illustrated, food with Food & Wine, Rolling Stone music, or GQ’s lifestyle. 

Our unique combination of global reach through our sites (including global versions of AOL News) and local expertise in each market has made us one of the most influential media companies today!

AOL is the go-to destination for the latest stories shaping the world and impacting everyone.

You’ve probably heard of AOL.com, the go-to destination for the latest stories shaping the world and impacting everyone. Whether you need local information or want to catch up on your favorite celebrities lives, we’ve got it all here at AOL!

AOL is a website owned by AOL Inc., which provides news, sports, weather entertainment, and more to millions of users around the globe every day.

Share your story with AOL’s 40 million visitors a month!

The entire world can know your story.

AOL is the go-to destination for the latest stories shaping the world and impacting everyone. We have 40 million visitors a month, making us one of the most visited sites on the Internet.

 Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to showcase your business or a student looking for practical advice on succeeding in school, AOL’s robust editorial coverage will help you find what you need when you need it.


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