Cool Things You can Do on Your Android Phone

When it comes to smartphones, you have two major choices to choose from. You could either have an Android phone or you could have an iPhone. While both of them have their own perks, Android takes the cake when it comes to cool things you can do on your phone. One common strength of both phones is how they can support the 5G band of mobile data. For that, you need to have a carrier with a brilliant 5G service, for instance, Xfinity mobile, which is popular all across the United States.

Coming back to all the cool things you can do on an Android, here are some things you can do that will make you proud of owning an Android phone instead of an iPhone:

Activate Voice Search with your Phone’s Screen Off

Android saves you the hassle of turning your phone’s screen on so that you could access the voice search command. All you have to do is to say “Ok Google” to your phone and it will activate the feature for you! This makes things a lot more convenient for you as you wish to set an alarm or a reminder without having to turn your phone on.

The next time you have to change your alarm or want your phone to remind you of an important meeting, simply say “Ok Google”, tell your phone what you want it to do, and leave the rest on your phone. Be sure to double-check check though, just to be safe!

Scan Barcodes Using your Phone

It isn’t necessary for you to use one of those fancy scanners to scan the barcode on the product you buy. You can even use your phone for that! All you need to do is to have an app that can decode barcodes, such as CamScanner. The next thing you have to do is to point your camera at the code and it will give you all the details that you need. The same principle is applied to the codes you see on Spotify songs so that Spotify could read the code and play the song for you.

The next time you are out for groceries, make sure you have your phone and CamScanner and be ahead of your shopping game!

Don’t Have a Fitness Tracker? Don’t Worry About it!

Having a Fitness Tracker might make you go a bit overboard on your budget, but it is no problem at all as long as you have an Android. Most Android phones come with the option of running the Google Fit App, which is capable of counting your steps as you walk or even run. This way, you can make sure that your health is top-notch and how much progress you are making when it comes to fitness.

Casting your Screen

How cool would it be if you could have your phone’s display on your TV? You can actually do that as long as you have an Android phone. Most of these phones have the capability to cast screen onto your TV. You can do this to view images from your phone on a much bigger screen. You can even play videos on platforms such as YouTube so that you could watch the video on your TV. Casting your screen onto your TV makes the whole experience very exciting since you can enjoy all your favorite apps as you look at your TV instead of your phone!

Run Two Different Apps at the Same Time

Not only can you split your screen on your laptop, but you can also do that on your phone! The layout depends on the way you want to use it, you could either use two apps side to side or you could have one on top and the other below it. This way you could get important work done and procrastinate at the same time. You could use Facebook and Twitter at the same time and the possibilities are endless!

Swipe to Type (That Rhymed!)

As small as this feature might sound, it actually makes typing a lot easier and faster. All you need to do is to swipe from alphabet to alphabet to form words automatically. This way, you don’t have to type on each key individually and this saves you more time than you could imagine. This way, you can type entire paragraphs and you wouldn’t even realize it! So, if you have your coffee in one hand and wish to type with just one hand, this feature can come in handy so that you can send messages fast.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all of the features that your Android phone has, you can be a better judge of which phone would emerge as the victor between an Android and an iPhone. As a bonus point, your Android’s camera can also take pictures whenever you say “Cheese” so that you don’t have to tap on the shutter button!

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