How to Find the Right Shoe Support

Did you know that 60 million people in the United States have flat feet, which can contribute to various health problems?

Another portion of the country suffers from the opposite problem, having too high of arches. If your foot doesn’t have proper support, it can lead to cramping, discomfort, and bunions. The best way to avoid these issues is by improving sole support.

Read below if you want to learn how to improve shoe support and feel better with each step you take!

Identify Your Needs

One of the best ways to determine what type of shoe support you’ll benefit most from is by talking to a professional.

Podiatrists can help diagnose and treat issues relating to the feet. A lot of people wait to see a podiatrist until they are experiencing pain or get a referral, but you can schedule a preventative appointment. After assessing your feet and taking x-rays, they can give you a better idea of the pain you could develop.

Whether you’re dealing with an injury, disease, or disorder, you need to be aware of its impact on your feet. Paying attention to your arch will also help you find treatment solutions. There are a few ways you can minimize these problems.

Select the Right Size

If you’re going shoe shopping, don’t overlook those nifty devices that can tell you your size.

Running shoes and brands may fluctuate, so you might have to order different sizes depending on the style. Always compare the measurements for each size to ensure you don’t get something too small. Small shoes can squish your feet and contribute to further arch problems.

Since insoles reduce the space inside of your shoes, you should bring them to the store. Insert your soles into the shoes you’re considering to ensure they still fit. Trying everything on will be your best way to find the best shoe support and style.

Invest in Good Soles

Shoes insoles or inserts are a perfect solution if you struggle with flat feet.

Since most shoes don’t come with enhanced soles, many people recommend buying custom designs. You can insert these custom insoles into most shoe styles, without having to sacrifice fashion or comfort.

It’s important to note that when you add insoles to shoes, you can impact the way they fit around your feet. Continue reading to discover how you can find the best pair.

Consider the Different Styles

Running shoes and sneakers are often the best styles if you’re looking for support.

Sandles and flats can worsen foot conditions and damage your arch. Many women squeeze their feet into small shoes, without realizing their impact. If you want supportive styles, kickscrew.com has plenty of options.

With all of the available brands, you can find a style that suits your personality, without sacrificing your comfort. Nike, Sketchers, and Dr. Comfort shoes have some of the most diverse shoes for men and women, but there are others to discover.

Compare Sole Cushioning

If you often deal with shoe pain, you may not be getting enough sole support.

Old insole and low-quality shoes have little to no support. When you put on a pair of kicks, you should feel your feet push down into a bed of padding. Most insoles are made with memory foam, which helps mold your feet.

Seeking professional help can also help you identify the areas where you need additional support. Orthotics can help since they are designed specifically for your arch and issues. Certain stores and medical facilities may even have a measuring device to determine your arch and needs.

Look Beyond Marketing Ploys

Social media, commercials, and branding can make it hard to overlook a new pair of soles, but are they right for you?

Instead of fixating on terms the company used for ads, check the measurement of the arch support and materials used in the product. This type of information can give you better insight into finding the best option for quality.

Some of the best-designed soles have simple packaging and could blend in with other products. Visit a shoe store so you can get a wide variety of soles to select from. A great way to discover the truth about a product is by checking online reviews.

As long as you do your research, you can trust that your soles won’t be the latest trend gone bad!

Work with a Physical Therapist

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new shoes, you can go through therapy and improve your symptoms.

Building your foot strength and exercising can help you relieve pain and find the most comfortable pair of shoes. Some people experience pain from uncomfortable shoes and a lack of exercise. Physical therapy can help you strengthen important muscles that could be causing you aches.

You may not see or feel immediate results after starting therapy. It’s common for people to be in more pain while the muscle fibers break down and repair themselves. Try not to get discouraged, focus on stretching to soothe some of the pain.

Do You Have Enough Shoe Support?

If your feet and legs are aching by the end of the day, you may not be wearing the right shoes for your feet.

Each person has unique shoe support needs since their arches are different. Certain pairs of shoes and health conditions can cause pain and worsen arching problems or flat feet. The sooner you get support in your shoes, the sooner you’ll find relief in your steps.

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