The jungalow a bohemian lifestyle blog by Justina blakeneythe jungalow

The jungalow is a bohemian lifestyle blog by Justina blakeneythe jungalow. Jungalow home decor is a colorful collection of dreamy pieces that will make you feel like you’re in the tropics!

They’ve got everything from beautiful bedding sets to throw pillows, sofas, and chairs, all made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, and silk. And if you’re seeking an alternative to simple, white walls, they also have brightly colored rugs that go perfectly with our other decor items, such as wall art or throw pillows.

The jungalow a bohemian lifestyle blog by Justina blakeneythe jungalow

The jungalow is a bohemian lifestyle blog founded by Justina Blakeney, who also happens to be the creative director and founder of the brand. Since its 2009 debut, the website has grown to be a go-to resource for anyone looking for fashion inspiration.

The jungalow offers readers an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in fashion from around the world and share their unique insights with others through articles written by Justina herself or other contributors associated with her team at jungalow.com.

Shop a collection of boho-chic pieces that put the magic into your home.

Shop a collection of boho-chic pieces that put the magic into your home. Check out the latest inventory, look at our new arrivals and browse through our most popular items.

You can shop online by location or category or search for what you’re looking for by price. You’ll also find brand suggestions on this page, so you can see exactly what you want in no time!


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Books are a great way to learn. They can be used as decoration, as gifts, and much more. I love reading books because they teach me about different cultures and lifestyles worldwide. Books are also great for relaxing in your own space or with friends who enjoy reading them too!


Design is about making something look beautiful, easier to use, and more efficient. Innovation is also about creating something accessible and sustainable. But most of all, design is about making something meaningful.

Design can be applied in many different ways, from the packaging of a product or service to the layout of a website or app, from physical environments (e.g., buildings) to digital ones (e-commerce websites).


DIY is a great way to save money, learn new skills and express yourself. It’s a fantastic way to help the environment, too!

DIY can be done anywhere: your kitchen table, your living room floor, or even outside. If you have access to power tools and drills, you can get creative with your projects. Here are some simple ideas for making something adorable out of items that would otherwise go into landfill:


Food is a basic need. It’s fuel for the body and a source of comfort. It can be art, medicine, and even a hobby. Food is also a business if you want it to be!


Gardening is a great hobby, and we all know it. It’s good for the environment, helps us feel better about ourselves and our place in the world, and can even make you rich if you get good at it. But many people don’t realize that gardening is also an excellent way of keeping your mind sharp—and this doesn’t just apply to those who have trouble remembering things like their names or how long they’ve been married!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my time as a gardener (and writer), it’s that if you want something done right, then do it yourself! That means learning to plant seeds yourself instead of buying them from a big box store, ensuring every plant gets enough sunlight, and finding out if something needs more water than usual (if so, why didn’t anyone tell me?). And while some people might have thoughtlessly decided against planting anything after watching an episode of The Office where Michael Scott tried doing this thing, let me assure you: no matter how much effort goes behind what appears, simple tasks such as caring for plants will always yield excellent results!

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Check out our selection of the top online finds for home decor if you need some more ideas:

  • Jungalicious: The Jungalow is a blog about bohemian living and pop culture. It’s full of DIY projects, food & drink guides, and more!
  • Shop The Jungalow: A collection of items from around the world—including products from some of our favorite designers like Paterson Alexander & Co., Jenni Kayne, or Marimekko—that are all under $200.
  • Garden Inspiration: This blog offers plenty of ideas for growing plants indoors or out in your backyard (or wherever else you choose).


The best way to get inspiration is to look around. Look at other blogs, magazines, and Pinterest boards. You can also look at the world around you. What do you see when you walk down the street? What are some of your favorite places? Do people living in these houses have similarities with those living in different homes?

Look at your own life too! Are there any aspects that make it seem like an ideal place for someone else (or yourself) to live?


The Jungalow is a blog about living life in the bohemian style. I started the blog because I wanted to create a space where people could learn how to live this way while having fun.

I aim to show people that there are many ways of being self-sufficient and sustainable, including living off the grid (no electricity or running water) or even eating well! If you want to learn more about how these things operate, check out my post, “How To Be A Modern-Day Nomad.”

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If you’re looking for a new home, Jungalow is a great place to start. A jungalow is an apartment designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. It has a minimal environmental impact and uses renewable energy sources like solar panels and geothermal heaters. The interior of these apartments is often made from recycled materials such as reclaimed wood or corrugated metal, so they don’t need much maintenance either!

The best part is you can get one for just $500 per month—that’s right: 500 dollars! That may sound expensive but remember this isn’t your average apartment building; these units come with everything you need, including utilities like water and electricity, along with some furniture pieces like beds plus, there’ll probably be some freebies (like books) too–and don’t forget about other perks like transportation services too if needed by residents living outside their respective cities’ borders.”

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The jungalow is a lifestyle blog about bohemian living. It’s about living simply, in the moment, and with intent.

The jungalow is a celebration of self-expression, creativity, and adventure through an organic fashion that makes you feel like you’re wearing your skin (or at least something other than sweatpants). It’s about finding beauty in everyday things we take for granted—like a puddle of water or a tree branch—and letting them inspire us to be creative with what we have around us.

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  • Shop online: Sign up for email updates and follow us on Facebook to get notified about new products and sales.
  • Shop in person: We are open seven days a week, so free to stop by any time.
  • Shop at a pop-up store: The Jungalow always looks for ways to bring our product line closer to you! If you have an idea of where we could do this, let us know! We’d love your help in making our space even more unique than it already is (and we’ll even pay you!).
  • Shop at a flea market or farmers market: You don’t have time? No problem—we’ll do it all for you! Just tell us what event would work best with our products, and send us photos so we can see precisely what setup would work best at each location (and make sure they’re big enough).

Final Words – The jungalow a bohemian lifestyle blog by Justina blakeneythe jungalow

If you’re looking for a place to find your Bohemian-modern lifestyle, then the jungalow is where it’s at. The jungalow a bohemian lifestyle blog by Justina blakeneythe jungalow, has a lot of great products that will help transform your home into the cozy and unique space you have always dreamed of living in.

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