Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Hurricane Doors

Homeowners living in areas prone to severe storms face the dreaded hurricane season yearly. Investing in hurricane-proof doors is necessary and can boost a home’s aesthetic appeal.

However, not all hurricane doors are created equal. Some provide a higher return on investment than others.


Residents in areas prone to hurricanes and other severe storms want their homes protected with the best products available. Impact doors are the most effective method for doing this.

Hurricane-proof doors are made with strong glass and a durable frame resistant to high winds. The glass is laminated so it won’t shatter like typical window glass. The edges are also thicker than those found on traditional door frames.

While a sweep (a piece of rubber or vinyl) at the bottom of a door may keep water out during hurricanes, it won’t withstand hurricane wind-driven rain. Therefore, hurricane doors are the best choice for homeowners in Florida. They’re durable, increase energy efficiency, protect against break-ins and offer peace of mind during hurricanes.


Hurricane-proof doors have thick glass and sturdy frames to protect against flying debris during storms. They also have a built-in system that helps to deter intruders by preventing them from penetrating the door. In addition, they can be fitted with additional security features like deadbolts and high-security locks to enhance their security further.

Hurricane impact doors must undergo a series of tests to get their DP (Design Pressure) rating. They must also resist water intrusion without leaking or cracking, which is crucial during storms.

Living in a hurricane-prone area, such as Naples, requires homeowners to take the safety of their homes seriously. Many insurance providers provide homeowners who install hurricane-resistant doors discounts and other benefits.

Energy Efficiency

While hurricane doors are rated for their ability to withstand the pressure changes caused by wind and flying debris during a storm, they also provide many other benefits, including improved energy efficiency. This is because they are designed to help prevent air and water intrusion and lower energy costs by reducing heat transfer.

Look for argon or krypton gas-filled panes and foam-filled frames to increase insulation. This will reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs and protect you from harmful UV rays.

Look for the ENERGY STAR label and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) energy performance ratings to determine how effective the door is in your climate. Also, hire a certified specialist to properly install your new hurricane impact doors.


Tropical storms and hurricanes are devastating natural disasters that can harm houses and other buildings. Defending your home from these forces is crucial for your safety and security.

Installing hurricane doors is one of the greatest methods to achieve this. However, choosing the right impact doors can be challenging for some homeowners. Many options are available, and some may not be as durable as others.

When buying hurricane doors, look for those with a high Design Pressure (DP) rating. This means they are tested to withstand high winds. Additionally, make sure a warranty backs them. Many manufacturers offer warranties that last for up to ten years. Selecting a business that provides installation services is also crucial.


A new set of hurricane doors will cost a significant investment, and finding high-quality products that will last for years is important. To ensure this, look for options that offer a long warranty and are covered by insurance companies.

Look for a tempered glass door, which is much safer during a storm. Non-tempered glass breaks easily and can cut and slice people causing extreme injuries.

Additionally, avoiding large box retailers is a smart idea because they sometimes deal with unlicensed professionals and only occasionally offer guarantees on their services. Instead, go with a licensed professional who provides a lifetime product warranty. You’ll feel more confident knowing that your money is safe. It will also protect your home and increase its value in the future.

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