Styles and Types of Phone Cases

Did you know that 97 percent of adults in the United States of America own a cell phone? Getting a new phone is an exciting time since you get to explore and utilize all of the new upgrades and features. Odds are that your new phone processes actions quicker and offers a much better camera that is perfect for capturing the beautiful moments that you encounter each day.

Despite the upgrades in features, it’s important to remember that smartphones are delicate pieces of technology. Exploring the different types of cases is a wise move if you want to avoid breaking your phone and paying for expensive repairs.

The good news is that you’ve found a great guide to help you find the best trendy phone cases to keep your phone looking fresh no matter where you go. Keep reading this article to find the right phone case styles for you today!

Material Phone Cases

Once you start the journey of shopping for popular phone cases it’s normal to look at the different materials that you can choose from. Leather cases are a great option if you’re looking to cultivate a classy appearance through your phone cases. They offer solid protection and better grip when you’re carrying your phone.

Wooden phone cases are another option when it comes to phone cases trending. These phone cases are a great option if you’re looking for an eco-friendly phone case with top-notch protection from drops. You will also love how easy it is to clean your new wooden phone case.

Carbon fiber phone cases are another option if you’re looking for trendy phone cases. They give your phone a sporty appearance that isn’t unlike that of a supercar. Not only do these cases provide a unique look but they also provide great grip to decrease the chances of your phone getting dropped.

Transparent Phone Cases

Transparent phone cases are a great option if you love the styling and engineering of your phone but you want to add more protection. The materials used allow you to see through the case to the phone’s body. One thing to keep in mind if you like the idea of a transparent case is the possibility of your silicone case getting dirty and turning yellow with more use.

The best option if you’re set on getting a transparent case is one that is made from harder materials. Harder materials will keep your new smartphone more secure and they won’t change colors with use. Visiting www.i-blason.com is a great way to start your search for the best phone cases.

Wallet Phone Cases

One of the most popular phone case styles in recent years is the wallet phone case and with good reason. The convenience of these phone cases is hard to beat since they offer more storage for credit and debit cards as well as ID like your driver’s license. You will have a much easier time keeping all of your essentials in one spot if you get popular wallet phone cases.

It’s also a great option if you want an easy way of storing cash on your or bringing your Bluetooth AirPods along with you on your walks or daily activities. There are a ton of different options when it comes to the materials for these cases, so think about your preferences when you start shopping.

Slim Fit Phone Cases

It’s no secret that phones continue getting larger, and the last thing that people want is to add more bulk to their already sizable phones. Still, a big part of investing in a smartphone is ensuring that you’re adding more protection to the screen and body to avoid cracks and damage.

If your goal is to fit your phone into your pocket with ease then you need to take a look at phone case styles that are geared toward a slim silhouette. These cases offer the best of both worlds since you’ll get upgraded protection from drops and a bit of style while also having an easy time holding your phone and storing it when it’s not in use.

You’ll find many great brands that offer a slim fit case for your model smartphone. They’re one of the best types of phone cases to have in your arsenal.

Rugged Phone Cases

Rugged phone cases have also become trendy phone cases since many people need extra protection when out in nature. A rugged phone case will provide that extra protection from drops, debris, and moisture. Many manufacturers are finding ways to create rugged phone cases that are less bulky.

It’s also worth exploring your options for waterproof phone cases if you plan on traveling or spending more time on adventures. Lifeproof cases offer top-notch protection from the elements so that you can enjoy peace of mind when exploring the beauty of this planet.

Not only are these phone cases extremely durable but they also offer great grip. You can rest your phone on a countertop or on your lap without worrying that it will fall off.

Phone Skins

Phone skins are different from phone cases in the sense that they don’t offer any additional protection from drops or the elements. The main benefit of getting phone skins is the ability to customize your phone’s appearance. You can change the color of your phone to fit your mood and aesthetic.

The best phone skins make it easy to apply them to the exterior of your phone’s body. Best of all, they’re easy to remove after they get dirty or after you decide that you want to make changes in the future.

Explore the Different Types of Phone Cases for Your New Phone

Knowing the different types of phone cases that you can get for your new smartphone will make it easy to find the best phone cases for your needs. Many people love the convenience of wallet phone cases since they allow you to carry cards, cash, and ID along with your phone. Slim fit cases offer a slim silhouette while durable cases will keep your phone safe no matter the conditions.

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