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Ulike Air+  Review – Must Read This Before Buying

Unwanted hair makes you look masculine and affects your confidence. Shaving it will turn the skin rough. However, many hair removal options are available, and one of the result-oriented options is using Ulike Sapphire Air + IPL hair removal handset. The handy hair removal device will quickly remove hair from your body. Read this review, to learn more about this product.

Working with Ulike Air+ 

The device uses intense light and sapphire freezing technology to remove pesky hair on legs, arms, and bikini lines while keeping the skin cool and protected from damage caused due to light. It gives long-lasting results without causing any damage to the skin. It can be operated safely and is highly convenient to remove hair at home.

Ulike Air+ Box

When you buy a Ulike Air+, you will get a box that looks like a gift hamper housed with different items such as a shaver, power cord, power supply box, user manual, protective glasses, IPL hair removal handset, authenticity card, and hologram.

Unique features of Ulike Air+


The lightweight Ulike Air+ from Ulike company is compact and makes removing hair on legs, arms, armpits, chest, and bikini lines easier. The innovative product will let you use this device safely since it produces reduced heat required to destroy the hair follicles without causing skin burns. It also blocks UV light and is considered the best option to use for removing hair in a pain-free way.

Cooling system

There are ventilation holes behind to dissipate heat and always keep the device components cool.

Simple to use

The flat head of the device will offer good contact with the skin for you to burn the hair follicles and stop hair growth. Using this device, you can reduce hair growth.

Treatment modes

The device operates in two different treatment modes: single and continuous. By changing the device to single mode, you can use this device in the areas where the hair is grown in smaller areas, whereas in the continuous mode, you can glide this over the skin and remove hair from a large area such as legs and arms.

How to use Ulike Air+

  1. First, clean the area where you want to shave the hair
  2. Connect the Ulike Sapphire Air to the power cord
  3. Adjust the intensity level, starting with low intensity and gradually increase the intensity
  4. Wear protective glasses provided to avoid the light causing damage to the eyes
  5. Apply the surface head of the device on the skin to light up the device. When it is lit, this indicates that the device is ready to work
  6. Press the flash button to initiate the IPL process

Pros and cons of Ulike Air+

Here are a few pros and cons of Ulike Air+:


  • Painless and non-invasive to remove body hair
  • Use Sapphire freezing technology to keep irritation caused to the skin at bay
  • Reduce hair growth in just four weeks
  • Lightweight and packaged beautifully
  • Give quick results by undergoing multiple sessions


  • Need a plug socket
  • Not suitable for all skin types


Ulike Air+, it is a compact device that you should have in the wardrobe to shave off unwanted hair and wear whatever you want happily without worrying about showing off the hair. You can use this device three times every month to see faster results. If you want hair removal treatment without pain and discomfort, why not try the Ulike Air+ device?

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