Filing a Claim for Diesel Emissions – What to Consider

A lot of large diesel vehicle manufacturers have been investigated for misleading consumers and authorities about diesel emissions. This scandal has been going on behind the scenes and it has come to light over the last few years. The diesel emissions scandal has impacted a lot of owners and drivers. If you think you may be one of them, what must you consider to begin your file or claim?

Are You Eligible for a Claim

Firstly, you are going to need to establish if you are eligible to claim or not. Not all owners are eligible to claim, and this may be for several reasons. For example, if you have purchased a car second-hand and the previous owner has claimed, you will be ineligible. Seeing if your vehicle is eligible takes just a few minutes at dieselemissionclaims.co.uk. When you visit this site, you can see what years were affected by the emissions scandal, and you can see if your vehicle make was one of the high-profile manufacturers involved.

Who Will You Use?

After establishing eligibility, it is time to find out who you will use and why. Not all lawyers or law firms will be able to handle a claim for diesel emissions. This may be because they are already busy with other caseloads. Or it may be because they have no experience or knowledge within this area. When it comes to deciding who to use, you need to create a shortlist. Look at lawyers that have acted on behalf of others in your position before. Those with expertise, knowledge and experience will give you the best chance of success.

Joining an Existing Claim

Even if you are eligible to file a claim, pursuing one yourself will be costly. It is therefore beneficial to join an existing claim, as this will help you keep costs lower and more affordable. When you are looking at joining an existing claim, you need to look at how many other claimants there are. You also need to look at what a win would give you. If there are too many claimants for one claim, then you may find that you will not get as much as you had anticipated. Similarly, if there are not enough claimants on an existing claim, you may struggle to have the clout and presence that you need to take on the juggernauts of the vehicle manufacturing world.

Timescales – Managing Your Expectations

Whether you are joining a claim or starting your own it is important to be realistic about timescales. When you can manage your expectations, you can handle any delays which are often inevitable and out of your control. Larger claims, and those with many claimants, are going to take longer to process. The outcome may not come in weeks; it may be years. This is something that you must physically and mentally prepare for. Expecting a quick win or resolution can end with you set up for disappointment. Once you have filed a claim, the best thing to do is take a step back. Log all your information and documentation and then wait to hear from your chosen lawyer.

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