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Optimizing the Fulfillment Status Experience for Customers: What Companies Need to Know

The eCommerce fulfillment process is an important part of the customer experience you shouldn’t overlook. Your job isn’t complete once someone orders a product. The time it takes for a product to arrive and the customer’s experience during that process is also essential.

And when 84% of customers prefer an order tracking number, it’s a sign that shoppers take the fulfillment process seriously.

So, what can you do to enhance the fulfillment status experience for customers? Read the guide below to learn how to optimize your eCommerce fulfillment process.

Invest in Tracking

The last thing you want is for customers not to know what’s happening when they purchase a product. They know to expect something in the future, but if you offer no way to see the progress of their shipment, people are stuck in the dark, wondering what’s going on.

Investing in shipment tracking will help people stay on top of their packages. They will know if it has shipped from the warehouse and where it is on the road.

Offer this ability whenever you ship a package. Most shipping providers allow you to add tracking details to orders. Integrate these details with your website’s backend so people can easily see the status of their purchase.

Offer Delivery Options

People want options when it comes to order delivery. Since Amazon made two-day shipping common, many customers expect quick shipping. If you don’t have that option and people want something quickly, the chances are good they will head to a competitor’s website.

Of course, not everyone thinks this way. Some eCommerce brands take advantage of this by offering deals for people who choose slower delivery methods or different carriers.

You can make quick shipping the default option. However, don’t neglect other shipping options to give people looking for those options another choice. The more choice a customer has, the better you can serve your customers.

Confirm the Order

People want to keep track of the things they order. Sure, they may never look at their order again after sending the money. However, other customers want receipts to track everything they purchase.

Make sure you have an order confirmation set up for your customer. Send them an email detailing everything they ordered and how much they paid.

It also pays to include this on your eCommerce website. Set up an account system for people to log in and view their order history. This information will help shoppers track their purchases over time.

Create a Return Process

You may have a great product, but some people won’t be satisfied with their purchase. There will always be a return rate for any product on the market. Since you have an online store, you have more to consider when taking returns.

It’s on you to create a great return process as part of the fulfillment experience. Create procedures for accepting returns and make them clear on your website.

There are several things you can do for customers.

  • Offer free returns
  • Create pre-made return labels
  • Offer shipping information

A great return process is just as crucial in creating an excellent reputation for your business.

Invest in Software

Part of streamlining the fulfillment process is improving your fulfillment center as much as possible. The longer it takes for your team to find and ship products, the longer it takes for customers to receive their purchases.

You can use software to improve your processes. Logistics software will help you manage inventory, order more products, track products in warehouses, and update customers on their orders.

Look at your software options to see which will integrate well with your current setup. You want a product that integrates with the rest of your technology and warehouse to automate as much of the logistics process as possible.

Consider Pickup Options

Many people don’t want to ship to their homes anymore. They are out and about during the day, so they have time to stop by a local store to pick up their purchases.

Think if this is an option for you. It may not be possible if you’re an online-only store and have no local presence. But if you have a local store, you can offer this option.

Doing this will help customers save on shipping costs and reduce your overall expenses. It also gets people in the door at your local store and may convince them to stop by again to purchase something else in person.

Outsource Your Fulfillment

It’s not easy to set up an order fulfillment process. This is especially true when your operation grows, and you have a ton to handle. You may end up with inefficient processes that hurt the fulfillment process.

In cases like this, outsourcing as much of the logistics process as possible makes more sense. You can hire a 3PL company to house your products and send them to customers.

Look into your options for outsourcing to an eCommerce fulfillment center. It will cost you more money to go this route. But the chances are that you’ll save money in the long run.

Do What You Can to Optimize the Fulfillment Status Process

Having a great product is only the first step in running a successful eCommerce store. Once you make the sale, you must have a process for picking the product in your warehouse and sending it to your customer quickly. If it takes forever for people to get what they purchased, you’ll have unhappy customers.

That’s why you must do anything possible to optimize the fulfillment status process. Put the tips above into place today to improve your order fulfillment process and enhance the customer experience.

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