What Are the Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety?

cardinal rules of gun safety

Did you know that gun owners can take many important precautions to protect themselves, their family members, and their guests?

Handling a gun is not to be taken lightly. These guidelines are important to learn, especially if you have children in your home and they want to see your gun collection.

Keep reading to learn all of the cardinal rules of gun safety you should follow daily.

Treat Every Firearm as if It’s Loaded

This rule is the basis of how to handle a gun safely. No matter what you think or have been told about a gun, you should always assume it is loaded. Treating different types of guns like it’s loaded keeps people from getting too comfortable.

It makes sure that safe handling practices are always followed. This way of thinking tells people to check the state of a gun before doing anything with it, like loading, unloading, or giving it to someone else. By following this rule, you’ll get into the habit of being careful and aware when working with guns.

Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until Ready to Shoot

Keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, even while handling a gun loaded with 5.56mm NATO ammo, is essential for preventing unintentional discharges. Your trigger finger should remain extended and placed along the frame or slide of the firearm outside the trigger guard. This minimizes the risk of accidentally pulling the trigger due to a startle reflex or unintentional pressure on the trigger.

Never Point the Muzzle at Anything You Are Not Willing to Destroy

The direction in which the muzzle of the firearm is pointed is crucial for ensuring the safety of yourself and others. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, away from people, animals, and objects you do not intend to shoot. This rule emphasizes the importance of avoiding accidental discharges resulting from negligent handling.

Even if an accidental discharge were to occur, following this rule ensures that no harm or damage would result. Developing the habit of conscious muzzle control is essential to prevent accidents caused by unintentional or careless pointing.

Be Sure of Your Target and What’s Beyond It

Before firing a gun, you must know who or what you are shooting at and what is behind it. Bullets can go through walls and keep going, which puts people who weren’t meant to be hit in danger. If you follow this rule, you won’t hit people, property, or things that aren’t your goal.

By following this rule, you’ll be sure to take responsibility for every shot you fire and put the safety of those around you first. Always ensure your target is right and that the background is safe enough to stop the bullet.

Embrace the Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety

The cardinal rules of gun safety require us to always treat firearms as if loaded, never point them at anything we don’t wish to destroy, and keep our fingers off the trigger until we are ready to fire.

These are all important safety measures that should not be taken lightly. For more information on gun safety, contact your local law enforcement today.

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