Gold Chain

The Best Outfits to Pair With a Gold Chain

Men’s gold chains can elevate casual outfits from mundane to style-forward. Thin chains offer subtlety and blend in with your attire, while thick ones spell eye candy and make a statement.

A gold chain looks great with a plain white T-shirt and printed sweaters or a trench coat in a darker shade of gold. It also goes well with a black ensemble.

White & Ivory

White outfits go perfectly with gold chains, as the jewelry adds a touch of luxury to the ensemble. It can also highlight the collarbones of women who wear this accessory.

Ivory is another option that pairs well with gold accessories. It’s similar to white but has a subtle cream, eggshell, or even yellow tint. It’s often used for wedding dresses as it flatters pale complexions.

A slim gold chain is ideal for pairing with this outfit, as it won’t overpower the attire. You can choose from a necklace that sits at the collarbone to one that’s slightly longer. A simple dog tag chain is also an excellent casual look. This type of necklace will look good with casual tees, button-down shirts, or even a striped shirt and denim jacket combo. You can always add other necklaces with this look to make it more stylish and sophisticated.

Powder Blue

A gold chain can bring a unique touch to your wardrobe. You can wear it with casual tees or formal button-downs, depending on the look you want to achieve. The key is to choose the right style that suits your lifestyle and accentuates your aesthetic.

Pairing a gold chain with powder blue is a simple yet classic look. This pale shade of blue has a youthful and timeless appeal that complements the metallic sheen of gold. The color also pairs well with many other colors, including neutrals like white and black.

If you want a more minimalist look, opt for slim gold chains that can be worn with your black turtlenecks and T-shirts. A herringbone gold chain is a good choice for this because it’s slim and won’t overpower your 9-5 attire. It’s also a popular style worn by rappers and other men who love to show off their swag. This type of gold chain is also the perfect accessory for your jean jackets and oversized coats.


Gold has a benevolent neutrality that makes it easy to pair with many colors, especially the softer ones like teal and pink. It also works well with a wide variety of patterns and prints. The rich tone adds a bit of shine to the outfit and accentuates a range of skin tones.

Turquoise Howlite is a stone that connects with the throat chakra, inviting our truth to flow. It is a powerful healer, soothing exhaustion and calming the mind. It encourages us to be accurate and helps with communication and decision-making.

A gold chain is the perfect accessory to elevate a casual look. It can be worn with a plain white shirt and jeans for a classic, chic outfit or a winter coat for a well-rounded and balanced aesthetic. For a more refined style, consider mixing your metals to create a unique look. Choose a thin gold chain for subtlety or a thicker one to make a statement.


Gray is a sophisticated neutral shade that elevates any outfit without making it seem too formal or overdone. A gold chain adds a masculine touch to a gray suit or t-shirt while contrasting against the dark color of jeans. This versatile look can be worn for work, play, or a first date.

A slim gold chain adds a delicate feel to any outfit while still looking bold and detailed. Pair this with a plain white t-shirt or polo for a sophisticated, casual everyday outfit.

Some men like to layer multiple chains of different widths to make a unique style statement. You can also wear a gold chain with a pendant or cross to show your personality. Whatever your style is, a stylish gold chain will catch the eye of people around you. It is a great way to express individuality and give off that swagger.

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