The best space games in 2022

Since the 1970s, space games have turned out to be one of the best-selling franchises. And now they have topped the top computer games of the year, overtaking many other online games.

At all times, space game developers have sought to depict our galaxy as realistically as possible outside the planet Earth. With spaceflight becoming more and more accessible, few people can really experience weightlessness, except in a space simulator or space shooter. In this article, we will look at the most popular space games.

The main genres of space games 

The main genres of space games 

The most popular space games can be approximately divided into many sub-genres (although some iconic games often fall into two or more categories at the same time). Everything that connects them is space.

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  • Survival space games

There are many space simulators of this type that can recreate the feeling of loneliness and complete isolation. Hundreds of light-years separate you from Earth in these games, and your life is at stake.

  • Space adventure games

It is the exploration of unknown spaces that attract gamers of space games on PC and other platforms.

Adventure games most often offer us to control a virtual character. By the way, many of the best space games inquire the player to solve a protagonist’s problem or discover new spaces.

  • Space shooters

This sci-fi subgenre has adopted a lot from its progenitor, the shooter game. But instead of skirmishes on abandoned military bases or treacherous streets of the poor outskirts of the metropolis, you will find yourself somewhere outside the earth’s atmosphere. Your task is to shoot alien spaceships and destroy aggressive extraterrestrial life forms in every possible way. You need to survive this firefight saving your civilization from the invaders.

  • Action space shooters

In the space action, the gamer must control a virtual character. These games have topped the list of free games in recent years. So you can safely download free games on your phone and immerse yourself in the world of thrills. Here you will have to show miracles of resourcefulness and fortitude in order to collect the necessary weapons and uniforms. But that’s not all: you need to know how to use these trophies in order to defeat intergalactic enemies.

The top best space games

No matter what genre you like, in each of them, you will surely find the right game. Below we describe the favorite games about space on planet Earth in 2022, according to top game reviewers.

   1. Dead Space

Dead Space fits perfectly into the sub-genre of space survival horror games and space shooters. According to the plot of the game, the main character is stuck at the railway station and, unfortunately, not completely alone. Here, every corner is teeming with carnivorous creatures, but an industrial laser will help you survive in the battle with them. A static picture in the background quickly bothers many, but here the goal of the developers was to create a claustrophobic effect.

    2. Eve Valkyrie

There are few space games in the world that show intergalactic space from a first-person perspective as realistically as Eve Valkyrie. Get comfortable in the cockpit of the spaceship and engage in a bloody dogfight.

   3. Alien: Isolation

Although this game is not new, and most space shooters can afford not to care about marketing, relying on the reputation of the movie franchise, Alien: Isolation stands out among its peers. It has long earned popularity among gamers from different countries.

This most famous game in the world today strikes with sound effects and the endless emptiness of outer space. So this is one of the most popular space simulators in 2022.

Alien: Isolation is the perfect example of a survival space game.

   4. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online has taken honorary place among fans of space games, although the path to its rise to the top of the glory of space simulators took some time. Today it is one of the most famous MMORPGs, so if you are seriously thinking about how to become a successful streamer, take a closer look at it. Most likely, you will need a nickname generator in the game and a little imagination to come up with a tag.

Fans of Star Trek will appreciate the voyage through the missions of past versions, the feature of buying branded merchandise without leaving this space game, and the ability to play browser games online for free.

   5. Elite Dangerous

In Elite Dangerous, you will be given sole control of a spaceship. Explore new planets on board a dune rover to satisfy your inner adventurer. And the open game world will allow you to feel like the ruler of the galaxy and even practice how to create your own game for free.

  6. Distant Worlds: Universe

Distant Worlds: Universe is a timeless and fashionable space classic. The genre of this game is closer to strategy, where you can immerse yourself in the mission to build your own intergalactic empire.

The game has an interesting feature: if you don’t really enjoy space shooters, air combat can be left to artificial intelligence and you can focus on exploring the universe.


Space games take their place of honor among computer games. Fans of this genre of games can always find what they like. If you have not tried any of the games listed in the article, you should definitely do it, because it is not for nothing that they are considered the best space games.

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