Does Ulta Ship to Australia? Find out here!

Ulta is a retailer focused on beauty products and cosmetics in the United States, but it is not available in Australia. This blog will answer the question, “Does Ulta ship to Australia?” with a yes or no. It will also tell you how to order specific products from Ulta when they do not ship from Australia.

Does Ulta Products Ship to Australia in 2022?

Ulta does not ship to Australia in 2022, so you cannot buy their products directly from them. However, you can still use this blog to find out whether or not they ship to Australia and then order from another company that ships to Australia.

You can get Ulta products to Australia and more if you keep reading!

Do Ulta ship internationally?

The Ulta Beauty website does not ship internationally.

Ulta stores in the United States are only open to residents of the state in which they are located, and sales tax may be charged on any purchases made by a resident of another state.

The Best Way To Get Ulta Orders Shipped To Australia

You’ll need to get your products shipped to the Planet Express Warehouse in Australia when shipping from the US. This is where all the orders will be processed. The process is straightforward and should take no more than one week.

If you’re ordering a high-value item, it’s best to ship it as soon as possible to avoid delays or customs issues. You’ll also want to ensure your order is fully packaged before sending it to Australia.

As a huge fan of Ulta, I’m always looking for ways to get my orders shipped there. Here are a few other things I like about PlanetExpress:

  • Tax-free warehouses are available in Oregon, so Planet Express customers can avoid paying sales tax.
  • When you make multiple purchases with Planet Express, you can consolidate the packages into one box, significantly reducing shipping costs.
  • Once your package arrives at Planet Express’ warehouse, they will send you free photos of it.
  • Your packages can be stored for a meager price with Planet Express. Initially, packages are kept for free for ten days, but after that, Planet Express charges one cent per pound per day.

Place Your Order With Planet Express

Planet Express is a fantastic service that allows you to buy items conveniently.

You can order anything from plastic toys to electronics without minimum purchase.

Once you’ve signed up for Planet Express, you’ll receive a unique mailing address at their warehouse. Once you decide on the items you want to buy, enter your Planet Express mailing address instead of your home mailing address, and you’re all set.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of Planet Express, including what it looks like inside its dashboard.


Customs & Duties Costs

From my experience, shipping packages to Australia costs about $6 + $2 in insurance. You will pay a 5% customs tax on the AUD value of your purchase, which is standard for imports to Australia. You may also need to pay an additional 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) depending on your buying product.

Is Ulta Beauty Trustworthy?

Although the company is not without its flaws, most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Ulta Beauty has a wide range of products, many of which are exclusive to the store. The prices are comparable to or even cheaper than other high-end retailers, and the selection is significantly more extensive.


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