Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous

The Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous Method: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a woman, you may find yourself in a position where you want to make your ex jealous or attract the attention of a man who seems indifferent. You’ve likely heard of the “make him jealous” tactic to reignite the spark of interest, but executing this strategy effectively requires careful planning and subtlety. 

The Spencer Bradley method provides a proven step-by-step framework for making him jealous in a way that will make him see you in a new light. 

Following the specific techniques in this guide, you’ll transform into a desirable, mysterious woman of intrigue that he can’t stop thinking about. The key is understanding male psychology and learning how to push the right buttons to make his desire for you grow into an unstoppable force. 

If you’re ready to become the object of his obsession, the Spencer Bradley method will show you how to make him jealous and win his heart forever.

Understanding the Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous Method

The Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous Method involves strategically employing behaviors and actions to tap into your ex’s competitive nature and desire not to lose you. When used correctly, it can be an effective way to rekindle his interest and make him come chasing after you again.

The method revolves around two main principles:

  1. It is showing your ex that you are desirable to other men. This means posting attractive photos of yourself on social media, going out with friends, and being active in the dating scene. Your ex will see that you are moving on, and other men will find you attractive, making him jealous and worried about losing you for good.
  2. You need to be more available and responsive. Do not always be the first to call, text, or make plans with your ex. Politely tell him you have other plans when he wants to get together. Do not drop everything to spend time with him. Make him work for your time and affection. This scarcity and mystery will make him value you more.

When employing this method, be careful not to take things too far. You do not want to hurt your ex or connection in the long run. The goal is to ignite his competitive spark and have him appreciate you again, not to seek revenge or retaliation. With the right balance of showing your desirability to others and being less readily available, the Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous Method can be highly effective in making your ex chase you again. Stay confident, focus on self-improvement, and do not seem too eager – he will likely come running back to you before you know it.

How to Use Playful Jealousy to Strengthen Your Relationship

Using playful jealousy in the right way can significantly strengthen your relationship. Here are a few tips for implementing this strategy:

Be Subtle

Dropping subtle hints about your desirability in a lighthearted, playful manner is critical. For example, mention in passing that you received a compliment from an attractive acquaintance or were chatted up by someone at the coffee shop. Keep things vague and avoid sharing too many details, which could backfire and provoke real feelings of jealousy and distrust.

Focus on Your Confidence

Focus on building your self-confidence rather than making your partner jealous of others finding you attractive. Start a new hobby, join a club, take up a sport, or engage in an activity you are passionate about. Develop your talents and skills. Your natural attractiveness and desirability will increase as you become more confident in pursuing your interests and engaging your mind. Your partner will notice this positive change in you and likely find you even more appealing.

Compliment Your Partner

While subtly hinting at your desirability, make an extra effort to compliment your partner frequently. Express how attracted you are to them and how much you value them. Appreciate them for who they are – their looks, personality, talents, skills, and more. Showering your partner with genuine compliments and affection will make them feel secure in your devotion and less likely to feel jealous when you share hints about receiving outside attention. The key is balance.

Avoid Manipulation

The intention here is to build a playful jealousy to add excitement to the relationship, not to manipulate your partner or make them feel bad. So be very careful with this strategy and avoid taking things too far. If at any point your partner expresses actual discomfort, stop immediately. Your relationship is too valuable to jeopardize simply for excitement—plenty of other ways to strengthen your bond that don’t involve jealousy.

Tips for Making Spencer Bradley Jealous in a Healthy Way

To make Spencer Bradley jealous in a healthy way, follow these tips:

Do Not Change Yourself

Please do not change your appearance or behavior to get a reaction from him. Continue being your authentic self. Making drastic changes to your looks or personality to garner attention will only lead to resentment and hurt feelings down the line.

Focus on Yourself

Rather than worrying about what he’s doing or with whom, focus on self-improvement. Take a class on something you’ve always wanted to learn, pick up a hobby you enjoy, spend time with supportive friends, and travel somewhere new. Becoming more enjoyable and well-rounded will boost your confidence from the inside out. Your inherent attractiveness and appeal shine through when you feel good about yourself.

Be Unavailable

Do not drop everything the moment he calls or texts you. Maintain your busy schedule and priorities. Let him know you have your own life by not always being immediately available to him. Politely tell him you have other plans when he asks you out at the last minute. Making yourself less available and not acting as eager to please him will make you seem more desirable and self-sufficient.

Flirt With Others

Flirting with other men, especially in Spencer’s vicinity, is a surefire way to stoke jealousy. However, avoid leading anyone else on or taking things too far. Harmless, playful banter and witty compliments are enough to get his attention and remind him you have options. Laugh, smile, and engage with other men in his presence. But at the end of the day, make it clear to Spencer that he’s the one you want.

Communicate Your Feelings

If Spencer’s jealousy indicates he still has feelings for you, consider having an open and honest conversation about where you both stand. Let him know his behavior is hurtful while expressing your desire to reconnect. Compromise and willingness to listen from both sides can help determine if the relationship is salvageable or if it’s healthier for you both to move on.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making Spencer Bradley Jealous

When employing the Spencer Bradley method to make your ex jealous, you must avoid several common mistakes to achieve the desired outcome.

The first mistake is being overly aggressive or confrontational towards your ex. Do not repeatedly call, text, or approach them in person. This behavior seems desperate and will likely backfire. Instead, remain confident and composed. Politely engage in casual conversation if you run into them, but do not initiate contact.

A second error is posting provocative photos or updates on social media specifically geared toward making your ex jealous. Your ex will likely see through this shallow attempt and perceive it as a manipulation tactic. Continue using social media as you commonly would, and avoid directing posts at your ex. Subtlety and authenticity are essential.

Another blunder is dating someone new immediately to evoke feelings of jealousy in your ex. Rebounding quickly can indicate you are not over the breakup and seeking validation. Take time to heal and work on yourself first. When you start dating again, do so because you genuinely like the new person, not to get a reaction from your ex.

Finally, the biggest mistake is not focusing on self-improvement. The most effective way to make an ex jealous is by becoming a better, happier version of yourself. Pursue your interests, engage in hobbies, strengthen relationships with friends and family, develop new skills, and achieve personal goals. Your ex will notice your growth and confidence, which will spark their interest in rekindling the relationship. However, you may have realized you no longer need them to feel fulfilled by that point.

In summary, avoid aggressive behavior, superficial social media posts, quick rebounds, and lack of self-improvement. Channel your energy into bettering yourself, and your ex will become jealous of the life you now lead without them. With time and distance, they may come to regret letting you go.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Spencer Bradley Method

The Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous method has helped thousands of women reignite their relationships, but many still question how it works and whether it’s right for them. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Will this method damage my relationship? 

When done correctly, making your partner jealous in a controlled way can add excitement and passion to a relationship. However, it needs to be executed carefully and strategically. The Spencer Bradley method provides specific guidance on how to spark jealousy without causing harm. Follow the steps correctly, and your relationship will be revived.

How long does it take to see results?

The time it takes to see a change in your partner’s behavior depends on several factors, including the current state of your relationship and how consistently you apply the techniques. Most women notice slight shifts in their partner within 7 to 14 days of beginning the program. Significant, long-term changes may take 4 to 6 weeks. The key is to stick with it to experience the full benefits.

Will my partner realize what I’m doing?

The tactics in this method are subtle and natural. When done correctly, your partner will not detect you intentionally making them jealous. The reactions you trigger will seem authentic and spur-of-the-moment. The key is to follow the steps carefully and adjust your behaviors gradually so the changes are not noticeable.

What if my partner does not respond to jealousy?

The Spencer Bradley method works for most relationships, but not all. Some partners may be less prone to jealousy for a variety of reasons. Suppose you do not notice changes in your partner’s behavior or feelings towards you after several weeks of adequately applying the techniques. In that case, there may be more effective methods for your particular situation. You can then explore other options for rekindling your relationship.

The Spencer Bradley Make Him Jealous method has been proven effective, but as with any relationship program, there are no guarantees. However, your odds of success are high when you fully understand how the technique works and commit to following it correctly. With time and consistency, you can spark jealousy in your partner and relight the fire of attraction.


In conclusion, by applying the Spencer Bradley methodical steps to make him jealous, you can rekindle the spark in your relationship and motivate your partner to recommit to you. 

Stay focused on self-improvement, surround yourself with a strong support system of friends and family, and prioritize your independence and happiness. 

When you are thriving, your partner naturally wants to be a more significant part of your exciting and fulfilling life. 

Do not engage in manipulative or unhealthy behavior; instead, take the high road: work on yourself, keep busy, and stay positive and patient. 

Suppose you do not see a change in behavior or commitment level from your partner after giving this method an earnest try over several weeks. In that case, you deserve a relationship where you feel loved and valued. You have so much to offer – do not settle for less.

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