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Raising Three Savvy Ladies NYC lifestyle blog is dedicated to women who want to embrace their individuality. Offer fashion advice, beauty tips, travel inspiration, and more. You’re guaranteed to find something you’re going to love!

Raising Three Savvy Ladies NYC Lifestyle Blog featuring the latest in fashion, beauty, travel, style, and more.

A lifestyle blog from New York City, Raising Three Savvy Ladies, covers the newest trends in fashion, cosmetics, and more. We are a family living in NYC who loves to share our adventures with you!

Here’s what we’re all about:

  • Fashion – We love putting together outfits for our little girls & showing how they can look like princesses or superheroes!
  • Beauty – The best way to teach kids about makeup is through playtime! We’ll show you how easy it can be!
  • Travelling & Exploring New Places – Whether it’s a trip around town or an overseas adventure, We aim for them to enjoy themselves while discovering new things about themselves in the process!

About Raising Three Savvy Ladies NYC Lifestyle Blog

I am blessed to have three little ladies who are becoming more independent, fun, and unique daily! As a mother to three girls, I must share my knowledge and experience.

The blog provides tips on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home decor, and travel from their perspective as Savvy Ladies NYC Lifestyle Bloggers.

The Savvy Ladies of NYC are in the house!

Our family of four resides in New York City. We love fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home decor. Our favorite thing to do is travel! We have two moms and daughters who are all very different, but we have so much fun together!

I am blessed to have three little ladies who are becoming more independent, fun, and unique daily!

Perhaps you’re curious as to why I’m creating this blog. Well, it’s pretty simple. I am blessed to have three little ladies who are becoming more independent, fun, and unique daily!

My hubby and I wed for the first time in 2006; we knew we wanted a family but didn’t know how it would happen or what kind of family we’d have. We decided that if God brought us together, he could also take us apart! And so far, he hasn’t done that yet (touch wood).

The point is that life goes on whether we want it to or not – so why not make the most out of each day? If you’re like me, then there will always be something new happening around every corner, whether good or bad . . . which brings me nicely to my next point: blogging about fashion/beauty/lifestyle, etc…

The blog provides tips on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home decor, and travel from their perspective as savvy ladies.

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We are excited to share our stories and tips on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home decor and travel with you. We sincerely hope you find them as entertaining to read as we did to write them!

Top 5 Tips for Starting a New Blog Like Raising Three Savvy Ladies NYC Lifestyle Blog

If you’re like me, you’ve been itching to start a new blog like the raising three savvy ladies NYC lifestyle blog. You might have even thought about starting a blog for years but never done it because you lack the time or money.

I get it—it takes time and money to build up your audience and start making money from your blog. But don’t worry! I’m here to tell you that it only requires five easy steps to complete (with no experience required).

Pick a subject you are passionate about.

  • Pick a subject you are passionate about.
  • Be passionate about what you write about.
  • Be passionate about the people who read your blog and interact with it, too!

Put a voice in the blog so that people can connect with you.

Starting a blog and giving it a voice are both crucial. Numerous options exist for doing this. You could write from your perspective and use first-person pronouns like “I,” “me,” or even “my.” Or you could be more objective and write about things to ensure people know what they’re getting into when they visit your site.

Whatever route you choose, make sure that when people read your articles, there’s some personal connection between them and yourself—your personality comes through in how you write, which helps readers connect with who they think this person is (or wants them to believe).

It’s also essential for connecting with yourself and other readers who will come after them!

Put content out there that is fun and educational.

As you start your blog, it’s important to remember that people are going to be reading it. The audience will want fun and exciting content, so make sure that what you put out there is also entertaining and educational.

Here are some writing tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to share your interests. If something interests you, don’t be afraid of sharing it in the hope of getting a readership (or likes). Take this chance to discuss what motivates you and why it would be beneficial for others to learn more about this or that issue. This can help build relationships with other bloggers who may also find themselves interested in similar issues!

Take pictures and videos to keep your readers engaged.

You can use images to break up your text, or you can use them to illustrate your points. You can also use videos of all kinds:

  • Showing people how to do things.
  • Telling stories through video clips and gifs (like this one).
  • Adding more visual appeal to your site.

Share your posts socially to get more traffic.

Sharing your posts on social media can help you get more traffic to your blog. You should use hashtags when sharing and try to post at times of day that are popular with readers. For example, I share my posts between 9-11 am EST on Facebook because most people are awake then and ready to read articles about fitness or health issues (which is what I write about).

Social media analytics tools like Tweetdeck to see which of your posts are working well would be beneficial.

You don’t need a lot of experience to start a new blog today; follow these tips!

While you can start your blog for free, there are many ways to do it. You can use WordPress or Blogger and build your site from scratch.

Alternatively, you may select one of the numerous free blogging platforms like Medium or Tumblr (and even if you don’t want to build a completely functional website, there are still many chances here).

Starting a blog is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. It’s fun to write and share your thoughts with others. Plus, you are building your brand, which will help in the future when you want to get interviewed for TV shows or write articles for magazines. We hope these pointers have inspired you to start something new, like the NYC lifestyle site run by three astute women!

Top Categories of the Raising Three Savvy Ladies Blog

Top Categories of the Raising Three Savvy Ladies Blog
Top Categories of the Raising Three Savvy Ladies Blog

When I started writing this blog while raising three savvy ladies, I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with you. I thought it’d be fun if we could discuss current events and our opinions on a variety of subjects.

We’ve made these categories for that reason:


  • Makeup, skincare, and hair care.
  • Tips for skincare and makeup.
  • Tips for hair care and nail polish.
  • Hair colour tips: highlights/lowlights; darkening roots; highlighting tips; adding dimension with extensions (wigs), textured braids, or curls; adding volume with blowout products like mousse or scrunchies!


One of the most crucial elements of child-rearing is education.

It’s also a topic that can be debated endlessly, and it’s one that we don’t have room to get into here. However, if you’re looking for some resources on what makes education valuable or how it affects our children today, check out these articles:


Fashion is a massive part of our lives, culture, and society. You must be aware of what to look for in fashion publications and social media updates since that’s where we focus the majority of our time.

To start with, it’s important to understand how clothes work as a system: there are different types of fabrics (like cotton), each with its properties; these properties determine how well other people can wear them under different conditions (i.e., if you have sensitive skin, try wearing cotton).


  • We believe that health is a must.
  • We hope our kids grow up healthy and happy as parents.
  • Our blog covers topics about health, including:
  • Exercise and fitness – The importance of exercise for your body and mind and how it can improve your quality of life.
  • Nutrition – Some basic facts about food, vitamins, and minerals essential for good health.
  • Mental health – How mental illness affects people from different backgrounds (including those who have experienced trauma)


We are interested in entertainment but don’t want to be entertained. We like to educate, inspire and inform ourselves on topics that matter to us as individuals, including but not limited to: politics, current events, and world affairs; health issues such as mental health and addiction; parenting tips for your child both at home or out on the town with friends; how-to guides for cooking healthier meals or cleaning your house without using chemicals that might harm you over time (we don’t recommend using bleach!)


The best way to understand the world is through travel. It’s also great to learn about yourself, meet new people, and stay healthy and fit.

Travelling can be costly, but there are many ways to save money on your next trip. You could buy airfare or hotel cheap so that it’s more affordable!

You could also use Airbnb instead of hotel rooms when travelling because it has lower prices than hotels do sometimes too!

These are our most popular categories.

  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Money and Finances

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the categories that frequently appear on our blog. We know there are many more, and we’re always excited to hear from you about other topics or categories that would be most useful for others to read about!


To summarize, we’ve looked at how you can use these three tips for blogging about your family.

First, we talked about using an engaging title that communicates what the blog post is about.

Second, ensure that your title contains the essential words in your blog post (e.g., “raising three savvy ladies NYC lifestyle blog”).

And finally, don’t forget to include a link to yourself and other sites you’ve written for!

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