When did Disney world open?

Have you ever wondered when the opening date for Disney World was? The answer is as simple as it gets: each part of Disney World opened on a different date. Magic Kingdom was opened in 1971, Epcot in 1982, Hollywood Studios in 1989, Animal Kingdom in 1998 and Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in 2005. Blizzard Beach Water Park also opened at this time (2011).

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom opened on October 1, 1971. It was the first part of Disney World to open and is now the most significant attraction at Walt Disney World Resort.

The Magic Kingdom features a blend of classic and contemporary rides, characters from animated films such as Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Pirates of the Caribbean, and live shows like Fantasmic! The park also has shops where you can buy souvenirs or eat delicious treats while waiting in line for rides.


Epcot is the world’s second most visited theme park, behind only Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The park opened on October 1, 1982, as EPCOT Center and has since been renamed Epcot.

Epcot has two theme parks: Future World (which includes Innoventions and Test Track) and World Showcase (which features 11 themed gardens). In addition to these two main hubs, there are also several attractions around Future World that you can visit while visiting Epcot. These include Spaceship Earth, Spaceship Earth II and Mission Space — all housed in one building called Innoventions East or simply “Innoventions.”

There are also many other areas within this massive attraction, including The Land pavilion, where guests can explore different parts of America through interactive exhibits such as Flight Attendant School, where visitors learn how flight attendants operate planes; Living with the Land, where guests meet animals from around our planet; Mission: SPACE which introduces visitors into outer space through recreations of various missions conducted by NASA astronauts over time; Journey into Imagination Pavilion which provides a virtual reality experience where guests become partakers in famous moments throughout history by stepping inside a giant bubble machine!

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios opened in 1989; it’s been added to and renovated several times. It’s now known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios and features five parks:

  • The Studios
  • Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios
  • Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (2001-2017)
  • Toy Story Mania! (2012-present)

In 2001, Disney World added a new park called Animal Kingdom that included three lands: Africa: Harambe Wildlife Preserve (opened 2002), Pandora – The World of Avatar (opened 2005), and Asia – Navi River Journey (opened 2016). On May 28, May 28 2010, Disney announced plans to build a fifth park at Walt Disney World Resort located on a 250-acre site just north of Epcot Center near Interstate 4 at I-4 Killian Heights Road off State Road 520 near Orlando International Airport [2]. It would feature three main components: A Marvel Universe Experience (including Guardians Of The Galaxy roller coaster), an immersive land inspired by the upcoming film Frozen; an expansion of Star Wars Land featuring two other themed areas; and the most prominent attraction yet at any Disney theme park—Star Wars: Galaxy Edge.[3]

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998. The park’s original name was Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Safari Theme Park, but it was shortened to just “Animal Kingdom” after Disney acquired the neighbouring resort in 1999.

It was the first theme park at Walt Disney World Resort to be built with a broader variety of animals than those found in its sister parks; this includes elephants, zebras and giraffes (which do not exist naturally), as well as large cats like lions and tigers—all of which are located within its borders.

The Oasis is one of three themed areas inside Animal Kingdom: The other two being Discovery Island and Camp Minnie Winnie (formerly Camp Mickey Mouse). In addition to these attractions being housed within this area, several shows take place every day or night, depending on when you visit!

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, a water park that opened in 1989, is located in the Animal Kingdom section of Epcot. The park consists of a wave pool, a lazy river, and a body slide. It’s not included with your park hopper pass but can be purchased separately for an additional cost if you want to have it on your ticket!

The Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool was built in 1999 by Intamin AG as part of their design for Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Expansion Project (the project renamed itself “Disney”). It features four slides: one sprays riders with mist from overhead jets; another dips riders into warm waters before returning them to shore; another sends riders down under waterfalls before bringing them back out again; finally, there’s also one where you’ll feel like you’re floating on air above ground level!

Blizzard Beach Water Park

Blizzard Beach Water Park opened in 1995. It was originally named Typhoon Lagoon and is located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The park is the second largest water park in the world and features over 20 water slides, wave pools and kiddie rides.

Blizzard Beach also has an attached ski resort that offers skiing for those who want to take their vacation to another level!

Disney Springs (Downtown Disney)

Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney (DTD) and previously known as Pleasure Island, opened in 1979. It was renamed to become a central hub for dining, shopping and entertainment by 2013. It also replaced the Marketplace area of DTD, which is now closed. The new area is located on what was previously called Pleasure Island before it became an open-air shopping mall with several restaurants and shops inside its buildings.

Disney Springs features more than 100 retailers, including Apple Store, Coach Factory Outlet Store, Main Street U.S.A., Planet Hollywood Observatory Bar & Patio Restaurant & Barbecue Joint Restaurant Restaurant for Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dinner Reservations Reservations Reservations Reservations Reservations Reservations Reservations Restaurants Restaurants Restaurants Restaurants.

When did Disney world open?

Disney World has been open for 49 years, as of 2019. The Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 and Epcot in 1982. Hollywood Studios opened in 1989, Animal Kingdom in 1998 and Typhoon Lagoon followed suit in 1999. Blizzard Beach opened its doors to the public on October 1 1995; Disney Springs opened its doors on November 25 2001 (before that, it was just called Downtown Disney). Also, checkwhere is Disney world?

Each part of Disney World opened on a different date.

Each part of Disney World opened on a different date.

Magic Kingdom opened on October 1, 1971, and is now the oldest operating theme park in the United States. Epcot opened on October 1, 1982; Hollywood Studios opened on May 1, 1989; Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998; Typhoon Lagoon Water Park on May 28, 1994


So there you have it! Disney World opened on March 17, 1971. There are other dates that you should know about, too.

For example, Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971 as well. Still, it was not open to the public until October 1 of that year, when guests could purchase tickets at an official ticketing office outside of EPCOT Center’s Japan Pavilion (now known as the International Gateway).

This also applies to Disneyland Park, which opened on July 17, July 17 1955; however, because of its more recent construction timeline compared with WDW’s opening date (1955 vs 1971), there were some slight differences between each park’s respective opening dates at first – namely: Disneyland Park opening times & admission prices being higher than Walt Disney World Resort ones due to larger capacity & lack thereof; this however changed eventually after approximately ten years into operation when both parks saw similar attendance patterns during peak seasons; nowadays though these differences do not exist anymore because both resorts’ gates are open every day all year round regardless if it rains seasonally or not 🙂

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