How Much Money Does Disney Make in a Day?

Disney is one of the most profitable companies in the world. They also happen to be very large, so most of us wouldn’t even recognize them if they were right next to us. I mean, just how big are they? How do you not know how much money Disney world makes in a day? Let’s find out together.

Key Points:

  • Disney world makes up to $1 million a day from ticket sales alone.
  • Disney makes up to $9 million a year from in-park merchandise sales alone.
  • With all the extra income coming in, Disney world makes around $20 billion a year.
  • Disney thinks of its profit as more than just money, but also a way to move its brand forward to reach fans in their way.
  • They are constantly sharing stories of how they help community members in need and how they care about the environment around them.
  • When you go to Disney World, you will spend about $100 per person daily.
  • Most people don’t know that Animal Kingdom is more significant than Disneyland and Magic Kingdom combined!

How Much Money Does Disney Make In a Day

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) is one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies.

Disney is best known for its movie studios, but it also owns theme parks, cruise lines, merchandise shops, TV stations, and sports networks.

So how much money does Disney world make in a day?

According to CNBC, Disney earned $9.7 billion in Q1 2020. That’s a lot of money. However, most of those earnings did not come from Walt Disney World or Disneyland. They came from their entertainment division, including movie studios and streaming services like Hulu and Disney+.

Disney’s theme park division lost $653 million in Q1 2020. That’s a pretty big chunk of change, but it’s nothing compared to the $1 billion loss that Universal reported for the same period.

Profit measures how much money a company has left over after paying out expenses. It’s calculated by subtracting expenses from revenue:

To figure out how much profit Disney makes in a day, we need to divide this number by 365 days in a year. This comes from $4 to $6 million per day.


What is the worth of Disney?

I’m not sure if you mean in a literal sense (How much would it cost to buy Disney) or a more figurative sense (What value does Disney bring to my life?). I’m going to assume the latter and try to answer that instead.

Disney is a vast conglomerate. It owns:

  • ABC
  • ESPN
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • Lucasfilm (Star Wars)
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Disney Theme Parks and Resorts

And many other properties.

For example, in early 2016, Disney bought a 33% stake in BAMTech for $1 billion. BAMTech is a streaming video company founded by Major League Baseball Advanced Media. It was formed to help significant media companies create direct-to-consumer streaming services. The Disney acquisition gives it an even stronger foothold in the digital distribution of its content.

How Much Disney World Makes Annually?

Walt Disney World is a gigantic, sprawling property. It’s so big that it could fit the entire island of Manhattan inside its borders — there would even be room left over for some of Long Island.

Disney World does not release attendance or revenue figures, but estimates put the annual take at about $20.86 billion a year. That number doesn’t come from ticket sales alone — there are plenty other ways to rake in money at Disney.

Where does Disneyland make the most money?

With the Disneyland Resort in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disney has two of the top three most visited theme parks globally. Nine of the 10 most visited amusement parks are owned by Disney or Universal Studios.

Theme park revenue makes up more than a quarter of Walt Disney’s total annual revenue.

A good portion of that comes from guests’ admission prices to enter each park. But once visitors are inside, they have plenty of opportunities to spend money on food and merchandise — two other critical sources for Disney’s parks revenue.

Disneyland and Disney World make about $12 billion per year from admissions, and food/merchandise divided equally between the two categories.

Most of that revenue comes from guest spending on food, beverages, merchandise, and other experiences like tours or events. For example, if you purchase a ticket to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World, you’re paying a premium on top of your regular admission price.

How big is Disney world?

We first have to define what we mean by “Disney” to answer this question. Disney has a vast corporate structure comprised of many different business segments.

The largest segment is their theme parks, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim, and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan.

These parks alone encompass about 25,000 acres worldwide.

But there’s also the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex next door to Disney World; it’s a 220-acre sports complex that hosts numerous sporting events throughout the year. There are also several water parks, mini-golf courses, shopping, and restaurants on the property.

If we want to know just how big Disney World is, though, we need to consider all of the above plus all of the properties that Disney owns and operates off-site – including hotels (more than 30), golf courses (more than 5), marinas and resorts at Disney Springs and much more.

How do they make so much money?

During the fiscal year ending in September 2016, Disney earned a whopping $9.4 billion in operating income from its four main business segments: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, and consumer products & interactive media.

Media networks are the highest-earning segment, generating $5.8 billion in operating income over the past year. The feature includes cable networks such as ESPN and ABC, radio stations, broadcast television networks, and domestic television stations.

The parks and resorts division brought in $2.4 billion in operating income during the fiscal year in September 2016. While this number is down 3% compared to the previous year, it’s still a staggering amount of money for a division that includes places like Disneyland and Disney World.

Disney’s studio entertainment division made $1 billion in operating income during the fiscal year 2016 thanks to movies like “Zootopia,” “The Jungle Book” and “Finding Dory.”

Finally, Disney’s consumer products & interactive media division brought in $1.2 billion over the past 12 months thanks to its popular film franchises like Star Wars or Marvel and merchandise based on characters from its popular parks and attractions.

Summary: How Much Money Does Disney Make in a Day?

Disney is a huge corporation. So its gross revenue per day isn’t as staggering as that of small businesses. Still, it comes out to $4 to $6 million per day—think about that. You could pull up stakes and move to a whole different country if you managed to put aside just 10 percent of that amount. But can you imagine? At 1.4 million dollars per day, it’s almost impossible to stop the nonstop flow of money into Disney’s coffers (unless you’re one of those people who don’t buy movie tickets, DVD sets or visit specific attractions when they revisit Disneyland or Walt Disney World, but we digress).

I think the point is that Disney makes a lot of money, and it’s hard to believe. And what I liked about this post is that it has information.

In the end, we don’t know how much money Disney makes in a day. And frankly, we don’t care about the exact numbers either (which are probably more complex than Disney lets us think anyway). Instead, we’re content to enjoy Walt Disney World and everything it has to offer—if you can call that a conclusion.

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