DIY Pest Control Solutions for Your Yard

A recent report found that around 14 million housing units reported seeing roaches in the previous 12 months. This massive figure doesn’t even include many of the other pests that are prevalent in the US.

With such a widespread problem, you may wonder what DIY pest control measures you can take to protect your property. Pests can cause illness and disease, and you’ll be eager to keep them at bay. Fortunately, there are several effective measures you can take.

Let’s find out what they are.

Focus On Cleanliness

It’s easy to let your yard become cluttered and disorganized. But if you have items lying around, they could make cozy homes for pets looking to find shelter. In addition, if you have food items such as crumbs in your yard, this could attract insects and rodents seeking their next meal.

Therefore, keeping a clean backyard should be one of your main pest control solutions and can be a great way to keep unwanted visitors away from your property.

Repellant Plants

There are certain plants that can be excellent additions to your front yard pest control measures. For example, marigold plants have a strong scent that will deter mosquitos. Petunias are also useful for keeping away some types of bugs and beetles.

Check which plants will grow well in your garden depending on the amount of heat and sunlight they need to thrive. You can then place plants that repel pests in strategic positions around your yard.

Burn Citronella Candles

Citronella is an essential oil that can put off flying insects in your yard. This is due to the oil’s distinctive smell and is effective when used in the immediate area where the pests are present.

While it won’t be practical to burn candles all day, citronella candles can be helpful if you are sitting outside in the evening. You can burn a few small candles nearby, and sit out without having bothersome pests flying around you and your guests.

Use a Pesticide

If you have pesticides as part of your pest control supplies, this can help remove invaders from your yard. Using a sprayer with boom kit, you can find the nozzle type that allows you to accurately target the most infested areas.

This can be a quick and convenient way to rid your yard of pests.

Create Your DIY Pest Control Plan

Having an effective DIY pest control plan can help you keep pests away at all times of the year. One of the simplest methods is to keep your yard tidy and clean, while you can also use plants that naturally repel pests. Burning citronella candles can be effective, and spraying pesticides can get rid of pests rapidly.

By using these tips, you can look forward to enjoying a pest-free yard!

Before you rush off to clear your yard of pests, be sure to read more of our helpful blog posts.

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